Secondary Education

Graduates are qualified to teach a variety of subjects

Secondary education programs prepare students to teach core academic subjects in grades 6-12. Graduates are eligible to teach in the following areas:

* Students who hold a degree, or the appropriate coursework in the specific science area, begin the master's in education coursework. Students work on fulfilling both the licensure requirements and their coursework for a master's degree.

In addition to the secondary teaching option, the following majors offer a preK-12 teaching option:

Career Abstract

Secondary school educators are interested in working with teenagers and with a subject they love. In doing so, they help to prepare students for their future roles as citizens and productive members of society.

During the fall of senior year, students take a “block” of 15-18 semester hours of courses in education which includes two placements, one in middle school and one in high school. The block courses are specific to each core academic area. During the spring semester, students complete student teaching and in some content areas a required three-semester-hour education course.

Meet the Professors


Dr. Darren Minarik

Associate Professor
Contact for Secondary Social Studies Education Program
Office: Peters Hall A007
Phone: 540-831-7660


Dr. Paige Horst

Contact for Secondary English Education Program
Office: CHBS 6935
Phone: 540-831-6371


Dr. Ryan Smith

Associate Professor
Contact for Secondary Math
High School mathematics teacher
Office: Peters Hall A006
Phone: 540-831-6158

Working with students to help them see the beauty, power and awe of mathematics is truly uplifting.


Dr. Amanda Bozack

Contact for Secondary Science Education Program
Office: Peters Hall A015
Phone: 540-831-5736

There’s nothing more gratifying than watching preservice teachers connect with their students and use empirically-based practices to help them flourish.

Dr. Kurt Grosshans

Secondary Science Education Instructor and Field Supervisor