Welcome to the School of Teacher Education and Leadership!

Our school, founded in Spring 2006, is part of the Radford University College of Education and Human Development and is becoming nationally renowned for preparing responsive and engaged professionals who teach, lead and serve. The School of Teacher Education and Leadership features strong partnerships with public schools and our diverse programs prepare teachers and administrators to serve children from birth through grade 12.

Our candidates become highly skilled and participate in practical experiences in their fields of study. Our faculty feature expertise and research agendas in areas such as high impact teaching strategies, cultural responsiveness, instructional technology, globalization of the curriculum and interdisciplinary teaching.

Our education programs in early childhood/early childhood special education, elementary, middle, special education, gifteddeaf and hard of hearingeducational leadership, reading, science, math and social studies allow us to match our resources to needs of school districts and to model research-based practices.

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