Wilderness Institute

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Radford University's Wilderness Institute is a four-week intensive course, offered in the summer term, that uses the outdoors as its teaching environment. The course is designed to utilize experiential learning to promote the development of an individual's leadership skills and ability to work within a group. The Wilderness Institute also exposes its participants to a variety of adventure activities while developing sound outdoor living skills.

Wilderness Institute incorporates a broad overview of the field of outdoor recreation. Emphasis is placed on land management agencies and the social and environmental issues that influence management policy as well as different organizations and movements that deal with environmental issues. Students, after being exposed to a variety of examples, are given the opportunity to develop their own environmental philosophy and land ethic.

Note: The Wilderness Institute includes nine credit hours in the outdoor recreation and leadership concentration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many credits is the Wilderness Institute?
A: The Wilderness Institute is 9 credit hours for undergraduates.

Q: What other costs are there outside of tuition?
A: First, there is the cost of tuition for nine credits. Second, there are textbook fees. Third, there is lab fee that includes food and any special resources that are needed. Lastly, any personal clothing and equipment that you may need, such as boots.
Q: What personal clothing and equipment do I need and what is provided?
A: A personal gear list is provided once you enroll in the class. All technical gear (such as ropes, PFDs, helmets, etc.) is provided by the Department.