Tourism Institute


Tourism Institute is designed to offer students in the Tourism and Special Events concentration outstanding opportunities for field-based learning in various locations, both nationally and internationally.  This course is an experiential, travel-based course that typically takes place mid-May to mid-June.

The Tourism Institute combines classroom and place-based learning and students will earn 9 credits towards their 21-credit tourism concentration.  During the course multiple topics are covered, such as cultural immersion, sustainable tourism, marine and coastal tourism, tourism marketing, commercial recreation enterprise, social and cultural exchange, and development of personal travel ethics.  

This course has been offered in France, Bahamas, and regionally throughout the U.S. to mountainous and coastal island locations.  Host sites are chosen based on their outstanding opportunities for tourism experiences, engaging professionals in the field, and unique scenic qualities.  New locations both nationally and internationally are always under consideration. To find out where we are going next  contact Dr. Joshua Carroll (540) 831-7722.

See the Tourism Institute (Bahamas) video here


Frequently Asked Questions

How many credits is the Tourism Institute?

  • The Tourism Institute (RCPT 481) is 9 credit hours for undergraduate students.  This counts for 9 of the 21 credits required for the Tourism and Special Events concentration.  Typically Tourism Institute counts for three classes (RCPT 350 Commercial Recreation, RCPT 431 Sustainable Tourism, and RCPT 435 Tourism Marketing) within the Tourism and Special Events concentration. 

What are the costs for Tourism Institute?

  • Fees include 9 credits hours paid at the summer tuition rate plus a course fee. The course fees covers travel expenses, food and additional resources that are needed for your course.

Who do I talk to about this to get additional information?