Vision, Mission, Goals



The Outdoor Recreation and Leadership Concentration (ORLC) at Radford University strives to be Virginia’s academic leader in the preparation of outdoor professionals.


The ORLC focuses on the academic preparation of students seeking careers in the fields of outdoor education and recreation. Specific emphasis is placed on developing the student’s outdoor leadership abilities through a holistic approach consisting of:

  • the provision of dynamic experiential learning opportunities; 
  • access to national certifications; 
  • exposure to current professional practices; and
  • an introduction to the fundamental philosophies and theories of outdoor leadership.


  1. Ensure that the ORLC courses contain a mix of experiential learning components to meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles.
    1. Each course will contain at least one experiential learning component to foster student knowledge and skill development in outdoor leadership.
    2. Each course will address some aspect of theory or methodology in order to foster foundational knowledge needed as an outdoor professional.
  2. Provide and promote extracurricular opportunities to foster outdoor leadership development.
    1. Collaborate with the Radford University Outdoors program to promote tripping skills to be accomplished by ensuring at least 3 to 5 ORLC students are serving as staff members.
    2. Manage and support the RU Adventure-Based Learning Experience (RU ABLE) program to promote leadership and group facilitation skills.
    3. Establish and maintain an active search and rescue club.
  3. Prepare students to enter a competitive job market.
    1. Provide the opportunity for the attainment of at least three professional certifications.
    2. Support the development of student portfolios that highlight relevant outdoor experience.
    3. Advise and guide students into appropriate professional internships to better position them for future employment.