Application Process for the Outdoor Recreation and Leadership Minor (OURL)


Course requirements for the Outdoor Recreation Minor can be viewed here.

A.  Any currently enrolled RU students is eligible to apply for the OURL minor with the exception of students majoring in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism.

B.  Application Deadlines: Applications will be accepted at any time.

C.  Only applicants with a cumulative or combined GPA of 2.5 or above will be considered in the admission pool for the OURL minor; admission is however competitive and the GPA required to be admitted may be considerably higher than 2.5 depending on the number of slots available.

D.  Applications will be reviewed within 10 business days and candidates will be notified of eligibility for entry into available slots for the upcoming spring semester. Student applicants will be ranked according to application credentials, including but not limited to: Overall GPA, previous coursework, and responses to application questionsSlots will be determined based on the number of students in the program.  Those selected will have 7 business days to acknowledge their intent to enter. Those who decline entry or fail to meet the acknowledgement deadline will be removed from the eligibility pool and must reapply for further consideration.

E.  Interested students my complete the application and must be submitted by e-mail to the coordinator of the OURL program: Dr. Anja Whittington.

Link to application OURL minor application here  OURL Minor Application Form

F.  Students that are admitted into the OURL minor must agree to requirements for equipment and fees (note fees may change) found at:

Equipment and Fee Information