Peace Studies Study Abroad

Costa Rica

Shift your education into high gear with a once in a lifetime experience in Latin America’s oldest democracy, a country with no military, dedicated to international peace, human rights and sustainable development, Costa Rica.

Every year, the peace studies class (PEAC 200) travels to Costa Rica through the study abroad program. Information sessions are usually held in the fall semester and applications need to be completed by February.

Cost (Maymester 2016)

  • Tuition, airfare, room and board ($4,750). This is one of the least expensive study abroad courses at Radford University.

Academic credit

  • PEAC 200 satisfies requirement for “Global Perspectives"CORE A; Peace Studies 489; Social Work (SOWK 480).  Possibly other majors

All students and the teacher stay with Costa Rican families in San Jose, all within walking distance of one another.

Experience Real Costa Rican Culture and Adventure

Visit active volcanoes, hike through primeval rain forests, experience huge waterfalls, take a boat through jungle canals, swim in both the Caribbean and the Pacific.

Past Meetings, Discussions and Seminars

  • Presentation and discussion with Msc. Sergio Guillén, University of Costa Rica Theme:  Non Violent Communication. 
  • Visit to Consejo Nacional de Rehabilitación (CNREE), exposition and talk with   Luis Diego Lobo Protti, head of the Information and Communication Office.
  • Visit to Municipality of Aserrí. Talk with Mayor Victor Morales Mora about a “Dialogues” program that this Municipality has to try to resolve community problems talking and not fighting.  
  • Visit “Barrio Maiquetía”, San Rafael Abajo de Desamparados, with Doña Joanna Gómez Gómez´s home  a Nicaraguan inmigrant who came to Costa Rica as a child.
  • Discussion with Dr. Carlos Sandoval, University of Costa Rica, Political Science   “Mass media, violence and contesting  hostility”
  • Visit to “Cedros Elementary School” conversation with don Kenneth Gonzalez, director of the school.
  • Meeting with Viceminister of Justice and Peace, Max Loría
  • Talk with don Carlos Muñoz: With peasant origin, don Carlos Muñoz was university professor in the field of economics, business ,etc.  Create and inspire projects to help youth to make their own business companies.  
  • Don Ricardo is a plastic artist and have a deep awareness of the importance of art and its relation to the creation of peace.
  • Personal meeting with Dr. Oton Solis, candidate for President of Costa Rica about the dynamics of peace in CR.
  • Discussion and talk with the international group GAMA on the Earth Federation Movement and world peace.
  • We can also work to incorporate experiences related to specific students interests.

Past Activities, Visits and Adventures

  • Caribbean or Pacific coast
  • Waking to howler monkeys… wildlife, birds…
  • Arenal volcano area – forests and hotsprings
  • Beach time
  • Shopping in small markets for local and native crafts, jewelry, clothing, sarongs, beautiful wood bowls and products
  • Tropical forest walks, hikes and hotsprings
  • Zip-line through the forest
  • Horse riding
  • Coffee plantations
  • Local Costa Rican foods
  • Salsa and swing criollo lessons
  • Tour to San Ramón, Sarchí ,Naranjo, Grecia.  … “Sarchí”, famous because the art to paint the a small town known for its woodwork. In this tour you´ll also visit local cathedrals in Naranjo, Grecia or Zarcero
  • Visit to Cartago´s area: Cartago was the first capital of Costa Rica
  • Spend the night in cabins opposite Mt. Arenal (active volcano) and watch the lava flows and beauty of the national park area.
  • Visit to the farm and “peace mountain” of Dr. Robert Muller, former UN Asst. Secretary General.
  • Visit and guided tour of the famous and beautiful National Theater of Costa Rica.
  • Visit to several exquisite old Catholic Churches.
  • Visit to the bohemian southeast town of Puerto Vieho, stay in a beach house there.
  • Snorkel in the Caribbean over an underwater reef with exotic fish.
  • Drive along the gorgeous Pacific Coast and swim in the Pacific.
  • Private tour of “tropical gardens” full of animals and exotic plants and stay overnight in cabins in these gardens.
  • Visit to a huge jungle national park, with boat access only, on the northeast coast.
  • Walk the Caribbean beaches at night to see a giant Leatherback sea turtle laying its eggs.

For more information, contact Dr. Glen T. Martin, at