Peace Studies Minor Requirements


Students minoring in Peace Studies select a concentration and design their program of study in consultation with a faculty mentor.

Students select a Peace Studies faculty mentor when they enter into the program.  The mentor assists in designing their program of study and in the development of their senior portfolio that fit with the student’s major degree of study, interests, and career and personal goals.       

Interdisciplinary Minor (16 credit hours)

Seven credit hours of the minor are devoted to three required courses:   

  • PEAC 200: Introduction to Peace Studies (3 credit hours)
    Note: This course satisfies Core Curriculum credit in Global Perspectives. Also designated as 
    a Scholar-Citizen course, which emphasizes experiential learning. 
  • PEAC 300: Special Topics in Peace Studies OR PEAC 489: Independent Study (1-6 credit hours)
  • PEAC 499: Senior Portfolio (1 credit hour)

Nine credit hours of the minor are made up of courses from other university departments which support the student’s chosen concentration. 


  • Human Rights
  • Environmental Peace, Development, and Sustainability
  • Trauma, Healing, and Well-Being
  • Conflict Transformation, Peace Dialogue, and Nonviolence
  • World Order and Just Peace
  • Create Your Own Concentration