Dr. David Sallee


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Peters B164

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Dr. Sallee received his doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction - Health Promotion from Virginia Polytechnic and State University in 2002. He received his Master of Science degree in Physical Education from Radford University in 1997 and his Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education from Old Dominion University in 1991.

He primarily teaches in the H.H.P. Fitness Strength and Conditioning program, but also provides support for other disciplines in the department. Additionally, he serves as an Honors Faculty Fellow providing support and instructional programing for the Honors Academy.

His work in service has been focused on professional leadership in his discipline and community research on youth risk behavior. He has served in many roles in professional organizations and in service to Radford University. Currently he is serving as journal editor for the Virginia Public Health Association. He has worked with many local communities on the analysis of youth risk behavior data. His primary role has been in gathering and interpreting data for prevention agencies for the purpose of intervention programming and grant development.

His research is highly focused on collaboration with students. He studies the exercise and health impacts of various behaviors on health and performance. Currently his work has been focused on the impact of pre event mobility exercises on athletic performance. Dr. Sallee and his students have presented at local, regional, and national conferences on a variety of topics.