Continuing Education Units

Guidelines for Presenting an ATP Clinical Instructor Symposium

  1. Any topic may be discussed as long as it falls within the most recent role delineation study. The role delineation study area must be identified.
  2. ATCs who desire to present should fill out the associated form and submit it to Angela Mickle or via fax at 540-831-6650.
  3. All presentations must be based upon current practice guidelines and should incorporate at least three current sources of information which participants can consult for further knowledge. These should be current literature sources.
    1. The complete citation for the literature sources must be included in the presentation handout (see below).
  4. All presenters must have a formal audio-visual presentation such as PowerPoint.
  5. All presentations must be accompanied by a participant handout.
    1. The handout must be given to the ATP no less than five days prior to the presentation so appropriate copies can be made.
  6. All presentations must be evaluated by the audience. Presenters can use the evaluation form provided by the ATP (atta ched) or can design their own forms if they desire specific feedback. If a new form is used it must be submitted at least five days prior to the presentation.