Health and Human Performance Advising

All freshmen majoring in athletic training and health and human performance are advised in the Center for Academic Advising and Student Support and are assigned a faculty advisor at the end of the freshman year. The Advising Center provides support and assistance to all students and faculty within the department.

Students are encouraged to consult with their academic advisor regularly to facilitate smooth progress towards completion of their degree.


-ATTR Major:

Dr. Angela Mickle
Dr. Michael Moore
Dr. Ellen Payne

-Exercise, Sport and Health Education Major

Fitness Strength and Conditioning:

Dr. Jerry Beasley
Dr. George Philippi

Health Education Health Promotion:

Dr. Pam Frasier 
Dr. Melissa Grim

Physical Education:

Dr. Anna Devito
Dr. Jon Poole
Mr. Steve Shelton

Sport Administration:

Dr. Kevin Ayers
Mr. Donnie Tickle

Sports Medicine:

Dr. J.P. Barfield
Dr. Laura Newsome
Dr. Kathleen Poole
Dr. Dave Sallee

-Nutrition and Dietetics Major:

Dr. Laurie Bianchi
Mrs. Mary Jean Miller
Dr. Jyotsna Sharman