Health and Human Performance



Transforming students to be exceptional professionals in their chosen field and agents of change in their community.


The mission of the Department of Health and Human Performance is to prepare our students, through student-centered activities, to be entry-level professionals skilled in evidence-based practice and lifelong learning. We aim to equip students with specific skills to serve as mature and responsible individuals, ethical practitioners, and impactful leaders who embrace diversity in their communities of practice.


We strive toward our vision and mission through 5 intentional initiatives.

  • External Opportunities: We drive student-centered activities through engagement initiatives that are external to our curricula. We provide students the opportunities to conduct research, participate in professional conferences, and conduct service and outreach projects in local communities. These unique opportunities compliment course content and helps students to develop ownership over their program of study and to distinguish themselves from other job applicants in the field.
  • HHP Research and Presentation Day: This event showcases students’ ability to demonstrate evidence-based practice. The ability to demonstrate reason and critical thinking in decision-making (i.e., evidence-based practice) is essential to the twenty-first century workplace and again distinguishes our students among undergraduates.
  • Focus on Experiential Learning: The need to integrate classroom knowledge with professional skills is essential to developing impactful leaders. We require experiential learning in every degree program to ensure students are applying coursework to hands-on applications and job skill development.
  • Professional Development: To address lifelong learning, we foster professional development opportunities for students before graduation. It is essential for professionals to continually build their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a field and we provide early professional development training to establish this important practice.
  • Ethics in Curricula: We believe in the importance of ethics in professional decision-making; therefore, our curricula include coursework and content in ethical reasoning. We believe that it is imperative professionals understand the ramifications of their decisions and how responsible choices affect the wellbeing of others.

News & Events

  1. Perfect! Radford University’s Nutrition and Dietetics program achieves 100 percent internship acceptance rate – again »


    For the fourth consecutive year, 100% of seniors in Radford University’s Nutrition and Dietetics program applying to accredited dietetic internships have been accepted and placed in prestigious programs throughout the United States.

  2. Radford University faculty member named Virginia Physical Educator of the Year 2019 »


    Radford University Health and Human Performance Instructor Steve Shelton ‘91 has been awarded the Virginia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (VAHPERD) College/University Physical Educator of the Year for 2019.

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