The Schoolhouse Living-Learning Community


Join us in the Schoolhouse Living Learning Community

The Schoolhouse Living-Learning Community was established in 2018 as a way for future teachers in all disciplines to live and learn together while attending Radford University.  Schoolhouse students - or "Schoolhousers" - take classes together, live in the same residence hall, and have regular and direct access to Teacher Education Program faculty from move-in day through graduation and beyond!

Below, please find more information about:

  • Benefits of participation
  • Current students' testimonials
  • FAQs
  • Applying to the Schoolhouse

What are some of the benefits of participating in the Schoolhouse Community?

Schoolhouse student reading to a child
A Schoolhouse student reading to a child during a day camp at McConnell Library on campus.

Schoolhousers learn through early field experiences such as observing and volunteering in local schools, and by serving local, school-aged children during university events such as the MLK Day of Service (pictured here).

Other experiences for Schoolhouse students include:

  • Shared course experiences
  • Connected to an education faculty mentor
  • Living in Moffett hall with other students seeking teacher licensure
  • Access to faculty office hours in their residence hall
  • Fun, social events with other members of the community
  • Support and resources to help pass licensure entry exams, complete program requirements, and apply to the teacher education program!

Current students say...

Jess Bartoo, Interdisciplinary Studies (Elementary Education); Emilee Hasenbeck, Early Childhood & Special Education (minor: Criminal Justice)

Why did you apply to the Schoolhouse?

JESS: I wanted to have as many opportunities as I could to get better at teaching.

EMILEE: The first time I applied to the Schoolhouse because I wanted to be a part of a living-learning community full of future teachers. I applied for the second year because I really like the Schoolhouse. Living in a living-learning community, you can become closer to the people you are going to be in class with which is great because you have a lot of study buddies!

What has been the best part of the Schoolhouse for you?

JESS: The friendships I have gained that I probably would not have otherwise. We are always there to help each other, whether it's doing homework, borrowing a stapler, or just to have company.  I love that we can always count on support from the other Schoolhousers!

EMILEE: The best part about the Schoolhouse is getting to be on the the Events team. The Events team plans events for everyone, and we get to do a lot of cool stuff together. We plan activities like bowling or going to an escape room, movie nights, and more.

What resources have you received in Schoolhouse that you may not have received living elsewhere?

JESS: I have been able to make friends who are taking similar classes and have similar goals to me.  And, I've gotten to develop close relationships with various Teacher Education faculty!

EMILEE: We got to volunteer to spend time with local children during MLK Day of Service.  It is a McConnell Library + Schoolhouse partnership.  It was one of the best experiences I have gotten at Radford University.


A Schoolhouse student crafting with a local child during MLK Day of Service.

Frequently asked questions from NEW Schoolhousers

How do I stay informed about Schoolhouse happenings? Check your Radford University email regularly!  At RU, most faculty and administrators use email heavily, so get used to checking your RU email to stay informed about the Schoolhouse and anything else RU-related.

Can I pick my own roommate? Yes and no.  YES, you can select your own roommate among the other Schoolhouse students.  Or, if you have a non-Schoolhouse friend who is a future teacher, encourage them to apply, and then request them as a roommate!  NO, you cannot select your own roommate if the person you want to room with is not a) in the Schoolhouse and/or b) not a future teacher.

Who is "in charge of" the Schoolhouse? Currently, Brian Kitts serves as the faculty lead for the community.  However, a number of faculty and students are a part of the Schoolhouse planning team.  If you have questions for someone "in charge," email and Brian, or another faculty member, will get back to you soon!

How soon can I get into local schools or work with local children? Because the Teacher Educaiton Program has a number of partnerships with local schools, opportunities to engage with local schools and children arise often!  Whenever possible, Schoolhousers volunteer and observe in local schools as early as fall semester of their first year at RU!