Professional Expectations

A Radford University Teacher Education Program student in the classroom.

The College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) places a high value on the academic and professional development of its students.  While every program has its own set of professional standards, below are four core professional expectations that the CEHD works to instill in every student:


  • Written: Writing—handwritten and messaging using technology (e.g., email, texting)—is error-free, clear, organized and highly developed.
  • Oral: Speech—including tone, volume, and expressiveness—is effective both individually and in group interactions, and within both formal and informal settings.  Additionally: Manners, mannerisms, and overall body language are appropriate to the culture.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • Attendance: Shows up on agreed upon days and during agreed upon times.  Follow up in a timely and appropriate manner to communicate tardiness or absence, and with professional reasons.
  • Punctuality: Is on time or early as agreed upon or required.

Professional Presence

  • Dress: Is dressed in a manner that is reflective of the culture of professionalism expected in the work setting.
  • Social media and online presence: All online photos, comments/posts, and other publically viewable items are befitting a professional.

Ability to Manage Workload

  • Time Management: Completes work in a timely fashion, prioritizes tasks appropriately, and remains organized.
  • Work-life balance: Is able to successfully navigate the challenges of a busy schedule by seeking support and guidance from available resources as needed.


RCPT students in the outdoor classroom
Recreation Parks and Tourism students learning in the field.

The CEHD Professional Expectations should be followed in all aspects of a student’s scholarly practice while attending Radford University, including:

  • In the classroom,
  • In the workplace (e.g., work study, assistantships),
  • During field experiences, such as: Practicum experiences, Internships, Student teaching, etc.
  • While volunteering or participating in service, and
  • At any time and any place on or off campus as a Radford University student!