Important Information about the spring 2020 Credit/No-Credit Option

Credit/No-Credit option key takeaways

Undergraduate students will have the option to choose between receiving standard letter grades (A-F) or the Credit/No-credit option for each of their courses this semester. 

• The Credit/No-credit option is: • Credit High (CRH) = equivalent to a grade of A through C (credit earned) • Credit Low (CRL) = equivalent to a grade of C- through D- (credit earned)

• No-Credit (NC) = equivalent to a F (no credit earned) • 

• Students will have until 11:59 p.m. on April 24 2020, to decide which courses, if any, they would like to use the Credit/No-Credit option. 

• Undergraduate students should consult with their academic advisor before making a decision on these grading options. 

• Students will utilize the MyRU portal to change the grade option from (A – F) to Credit/No - Credit.   

What are possible reasons a student might wish to select the traditional A-F option during the spring 2020 semester?

• Meet graduate or professional school admission requirements:  Specific grades and GPAs are often required for admission to graduate-level programs.   

• Raise overall GPA:  Only the traditional grades (A-F) are used in GPA calculations during spring 2020.   

• Fulfill program requirements:  some programs require certain grades in specific courses.  Therefore, the traditional A-F grading option is required for program admission, retention, and completion.   

• Maintain financial aid:  Students receiving financial aid are required to achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress which is determined by credits attempted and credits earned.  Students should talk to their Financial Aid advisor before making a decision.   

What are possible reasons a student might wish to select the credit/no-credit option during the spring 2020 semester?

• The academic major or program does not require a specific grade in a course (ex. an elective course, a general education course, etc.).

• Students are able to continue to progress toward graduation without compromising their academic standing. 

Do I still earn credit if I choose the credit/no-credit option and receive grades of CRH, CRL, and NC?

• CRH = yes, credit earned (equivalent to a grade of A through C)

• CRL = yes, credit earned (equivalent to a grade of C- through D-)

• NC = no credit earned (equivalent to a F) 

Will courses graded using the credit/non-credit option be calculated in my GPA?

• No, courses graded using the credit/non-credit option will not be used in your GPA calculation.   

Can I choose to only use the credit/non-credit option for one course or do I have to opt-in for all courses?

You may choose a grading option for each individual course.   

     Students are encouraged to discuss all options on a course-by-course basis with their advisor.  Together, you can make a plan to ensure the best outcome regarding academic standing, degree progression and program requirements.   

How do I opt-in?

• Login to the MyRU portal > click the Academics icon > click Credit/No-Credit Grade Mode Option link in the Academic Tools portlet.

I am in a program that requires a grade of “C” or better. Am I eligible to use the credit/no-credit option?

• Yes, but you must earn a grade of CRH (Credit High) in order to satisfy the program requirement. 

If students do not have the GPA needed to graduate and are a spring/summer graduate, does that mean they must choose the letter grade option?

• Students must have at least a 2.0 cumulative GPA in order to graduate from Radford University. 

• Students are encouraged to discuss this with their advisor prior to choosing grade options for the spring 2020 term. 

I’m repeating a course, how does the credit/non-credit option impact that? Will the repeat be considered “unused” if I choose the credit/non-credit grade option? If I choose the credit/non-credit option and it is not factored in my GPA, will the original grade still be included in my GPA calculation?

• The repeat will be used.  Therefore, the previous grade would no longer be used in the GPA calculation, but neither will the CRH/CRL grade.  There could still be a benefit in counting the CRH/CRL grade as a repeat because the previous grade, presumably a bad one, will no longer count.

If I choose to take a course as credit/no-credit can I repeat that course in the future?

• Yes, a Spring 2020 course for which the ‘credit/no credit’ option was exercised, may be repeated for a letter grade. 

Will credit/non-credit grades transfer to other colleges/universities?

• Students interested in transferring Radford credits to other institutions should check with the other institutions to inquire about how Radford credits may/may not transfer to them.   

Will Radford accept pass/fail transfer credits earned during spring 2020 from other institutions?

• Radford University is still in the process of determining if the current policy on accepting transfer credits may be adjusted due to the circumstances of the spring 2020 term.