Support of the Highlander Pantry provides food security to Radford students

College is a time when students are challenged in new ways. While it is expected that students stress about managing coursework, balancing employment and extracurricular activities, it may be surprising to learn some students are also worrying about their next meal. Unfortunately, college students around the country are facing food insecurity and Radford students are no exception.

The Highlander Pantry

Radford University is committed to helping students thrive however, before students can achieve success in the classroom, it is imperative that their basic needs are met. Students skipping meals directly affects their academic performance. Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, Angie Mitchell, emphasized the importance of food security for students: “Students have to take care of basic needs first before being successful in class.”

The Division of Student Affairs established the Highlander Pantry to support students facing food insecurity. By partnering with Feeding America as a feeding agency, food is provided at no cost. This pantry has been an excellent resource for students, faculty, and staff in need, however, it previously lacked a commercial-grade refrigerator.

Recognizing this need, the Jessie Ball duPont Foundation provided funding to purchase a new commercial-grade refrigerator for the Highlander Pantry. This gift will allow the pantry to store refrigerated items like eggs, milk and frozen meals. Mitchell also explains how this gift will expand the pantry’s offerings, “We’ll be able to store a larger variety of food that will allow students with dietary restrictions to have more options.”

The Jessie Ball duPont Foundation has been a consistent supporter of Radford University and its students. In 2021, the Foundation provided funding for the Elevate Research program and has continued to provide support for Radford’s community.

The Highlander Pantry will continue to improve the quality of life for many students allowing them to make the most of this transformative educational experience. Radford University and its supporters, like the Jessie Ball duPont Foundation, are committed to helping its students thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.


Learn more about the Highlander Pantry by visiting If you are interested in supporting this initiative, please contact Carolyn Clayton at