Behavioral Consultation Team

The purpose of the Radford University Behavioral Consultation Team (BCT) is to provide a system of intervention and support for students who may be emotionally, socially and/or academically at risk. The Behavior Consultation Team (BCT) was created in fall 2007 as a result of a recommendation from the Risk Advisory Committee. BCT is a focused team of inter-disciplinary administrators which receive referrals regarding students that have come to public attention and may be in distress. The BCT convenes weekly during the semester with additional meetings called as needed. The BCT:

  • Collects information on individuals whose observable behaviors may present a concern
  • Assesses the behavior of individuals whose actions may present a concern
  • Recommends interventions with such individuals through appropriate campus offices and services
  • Follows up weekly on interventions/actions being taken
  • May recommend actions up to and including interim suspension or medical separation to resolve potential threats

The team tries to pro-actively identify, assess, manage and reduce/resolve the stressors. The BCT does not provide direct service to those students who have been identified; rather, its role is to determine effective strategies for addressing the concern and identifying the responsible parties for enacting those strategies. The support strategies are intended to provide a two-fold benefit: direct relief for a student at heightened risk and set that student up for success while also intervening to prevent the situation from further escalation and crisis. The BCT assures that key campus service offices are aware of such students and that these students have access to appropriate campus services. Students whose behavior has caused concern are discussed individually on a weekly basis with efforts made to assure that the student is being offered appropriate care. The BCT membership is composed of representatives from the key areas that provide direct support services to students. Representatives from other offices may be included as needed.

The BCT is chaired by the Associate Dean of Students and the Office of the Dean of Students provides staffing assistance to and for the team.

BCT Membership