Volunteer Job Descriptions

Radford University’s alumni network is vital to the advancement of our Alma Mater. We need your volunteer leadership to encourage involvement by other alumni and to serve as role models for our future alumni. 

We encourage you to share your time and talent to enhance the Radford University experience.

Career Center
Radford’s success will be told through the success stories of our Radford graduates.  The Highlander network prepares our students to make a successful transition from the classroom to the workplace.
•    Help students develop a clearer perspective about a career field
•    Offer advice on the job search, resumé development or networking
•    Participate and/or recommend organizations for job fairs
•    Host student-focused regional career development reception or job shadowing program
•    Post opportunities on Radford Alumni Linkedin page
•    Post opportunities with Hire a Highlander
•    Participate in social media generated outreach
•    Lead roundtable discussions related to your field
•    Share appropriate Radford information in the workplace
•    Respond in a timely, professional and appropriate manner to inquiries

Alumni Speaker’s Bureau
The purpose it to connect students with alumni who have achieved success in their field. We are seeking your help in giving a presentation while providing an informal networking opportunity. We would like for the topics addressed to complement academic curriculum and/or other specified goals.
•    Share expertise in the classroom or in your region
•    Serve as a speaker for club/organization
•    Serve on professional development panels

Alumni Admissions Recruitment Program
Alumni volunteers play a vital role in the admission process at Radford. We believe that personal contact can be very influential. It is an opportunity to introduce or reinforce why Radford is the right choice.  Your leadership helps to build the next generation of Highlanders.
•    Stay current on university news and information
•    Familiarize with university website for further research
•    Learn about admission process, financial aid and other special areas
•    Recommend students for admission
•    Speak or assist at regional admission events
•    Attend regional college fairs
•    Serve as a keynote speaker
•    Provide follow up information for prospective student/parents
•    Identify new opportunities for on-site visits at schools and/or fairs
•    Host/attend a summer send off event

Regional Chapter
Regional contacts help university alumni connect in their home areas. Activities are coordinated with the Alumni Relations Office and may include social, athletic, educational or professional development.
•    Serve as a point of contact for designated region
•    Volunteers who represent regionally based groups where less than 750 Radford University Alumni live are designated as Highlander Contacts
•    Allow contact information to be shared on website
•    Plan activities with regional appeal
•    Communicate with volunteers and professional staff
•    Encourage attendance at regional and campus events
•    Gather attendee contact  information
•    Offer resources for alumni networking
•    Utilize social media
•    To see Regional Chapter Presidents and Highlander Contacts, please follow this link

Affinity, Class or College Board
Affinity leaders organize activities alumni based on involvement in or allegiance to a particular group, experience or common connection (Greek, athletic team, dorm) while class leaders encourage participation for milestone reunions.
•    Serve as a point of contact for designated affinity group
•    Allow contact information to be shared on website
•    Plan activities with affinity or class appeal
•    Review invitation lists
•    Communicate with volunteers and professional staff
•    Encourage attendance at regional and campus events
•    Gather attendee contact information
•    Utilize social media

Community Service
For more than a century, Radford alumni have given back to their communities in many ways. We affirm the value of community service. We want to recognize and share opportunities where Highlanders can gather to share our passion for helping others. 
•    Identify alumni led service opportunities
•    Recommend service projects that can be promoted to a wider alumni audience
•    Spearhead alumni gathering area/event in conjunction with service projects
•    Share information and pictures via social media. Use this Alumni Ambassador sign in your pictures

Social Media
• Like and share status updates from the Office of Alumni Relations social media pages
• Share and invite friends to upcoming alumni events
• Tag photos of friends in alumni photos

Student Ambassador
The Radford University Student Ambassadors, founded in 1979, serves as a link between students and alumni by creating an awareness of the Radford University Alumni Association and its mission. All current enrolled students can apply.
• Network with campus administrators, faculty, staff and alumni
• Plan and execute campus events
• Learn Radford University history, career mentoring and professional etiquette
• Participate in fun bi-monthly meetings, retreats, and socials
To learn more about the Radford University Student Ambassadors, click here.