Michael Clegg '99


For Michael Clegg ’99, being an alumni volunteer is more than just giving back to his alma mater – it’s being part of Radford University’s growth.

 “I wanted to give back because Radford, and the leadership at Radford, is heading in a phenomenal direction, and I would like to be a little part of it,” said Clegg. “It’s a school that as an [alumnus], you can be very proud of.”

One way Clegg volunteers is by speaking to classes on campus. With a background in talent management – including recruiting, staffing, consulting and career coaching – speaking to upperclassmen in the Davis College of Business and Economics was a natural fit. Additionally, Clegg mentors students, helping them to get involved on campus and take advantage of the many resources Radford has to offer. He has also donated suits to the Center for Career and Talent Development’s on-campus Career Closet, which provides gently used professional attire to students for free.

“What I’ve found is that I end up getting more than I give,” said Clegg, “which is very common in the training world. Trainers end up learning so much more from their students, and I find that to be true [at Radford].”

Clegg also attended last year’s Volunteer Summit, which teaches alumni about opportunities to volunteer and engage at Radford University and presents the opportunity to network with fellow alumni and friends.

“I was able to meet a lot of people, and through that, I ended up being asked to join the [Davis College] Advisory Council,” said Clegg. “As I’m giving back my time and attention to Radford, I’m also meeting people that could potentially help me in my business. The connection, and the engagement, is great.”

As an alumni volunteer, Clegg values being heard. He says what makes Radford unique is that its leadership really listens to its alumni, which in turn, grows engagement and the University as a whole. Clegg feels that every year he is away from Radford is another year that the value of his degree continues to grow.

“Everybody has something they can give,” said Clegg. “It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – there is someone at Radford that is going to be doing the same thing you’re doing. Regardless of industry, there are students that could benefit from your time.”