David Betancourt ’02


As a staff writer for The Washington Post, David Betancourt ’02 handles all things comics – comic books, television, animation and movies.

What helped lead him to a career at The Washington Post was his time as a staff writer for The Tartan, the Radford University student-run newspaper. “I was the sports editor and columnist and I also covered the different sports teams,” Betancourt explains. “It was way too much to take on now that I think back. But my love of writing grew from those times.”

Betancourt continues, “I remember when I was told I was getting a column and I just ran with it, writing about whatever was the hot sports topic at the time. That was when I realized writing was something that I really loved to do.”

Betancourt also served as producer of a sports talk show on WVRU-FM, the University-owned and operated radio station. He also created and maintained a sports section on Whim, the official online magazine of Radford. “I probably did too many extra activities,” says Betancourt. “But looking back on it, it helped shape me into the person I am today.”

As a part of all the different media organizations at Radford University, Betancourt learned a lot about what is now his career. “Radford helped show me my strengths and how to pursue them academically and professionally,” he says. “I had great mentors there who cared about my career aspirations and were key to my development in studying journalism.”

One of those mentors was Sandra Kelly, adjunct professor and internship coordinator with the Media Studies Department. “She was my favorite professor and a columnist at The Roanoke Times,” Betancourt explains. “She took me under her wing early and taught me how to be a leader. She told me my passion for journalism was something I should share in class in order to inspire other students.

“I’ll always remember that talk. She saw something in me and it inspired me to be the best student I could be.”