Trina Lambert '00


 “As a student I worked in the Radford University Office of University Relations, and spent most of my time with designers in that office’s Creative Services area.  I mostly designed posters, brochures, newsletters and postcards.  After I graduated, the office hired me as a graphic designer,” says Trina Lambert ‘00.

Currently, Lambert works as the graphic designer at Red Orange Design.  “Red Orange Design has a wonderful clientele base that is growing and striving to grow more and more.  This industry continues to change and evolve every day, so it requires you to stay on your toes and really be a life-long learner,” says Lambert.  

Lambert credits her family and its support for her success.  “My work ethic as a student was a result of my family upbringing.  My father owned his own business so good work habits and stewardship was instilled in me at a young age,” says Lambert.  She also credits her mentors and colleagues at Radford University who taught her about best practice.  “What motivated me to work so hard was having an internal drive that encourages me to keep going and strive to do the best job possible,” says Lambert.

“I remember Trina’s professionalism, talent and great sense of humor!  Here recently, I’ve admired her excellent work at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and her immersion in the Richmond design community,” says James Harman University Relations Art Director and past mentor.

Lambert is full of excitement when talking about her career.  “I actually started out as an undecided student at Radford.  When I discovered graphic design, I found my passion.  It allows me to be innovative and think creatively every day.  It never feels like work,” she says.

After working at Radford, Lambert landed a job at VCU which served as the biggest milestone for her career.  “Working at VCU helped shape me into the designer that I am today.  I worked as a designer and then eventually moved up to art director,” says Lambert. 

While at VCU, Lambert received numerous awards for her work.  Some of the awards were the CASE Award of Excellence in 2006 and 2011, and the 2006, 2007 and 2008 Merit Award for total recruitment, annual report and brochure.     

“Although this job can be very demanding and is a high-pressure career, it is all so rewarding to me.  Those ‘aha’ moments when it just clicks and you know you solved the problem you might have been working days or weeks on, there’s nothing like it,” says Lambert.

Lambert encourages students to appreciate all opportunities available to them.  Use each as a stepping stone for your ultimate dreams and goals.  For graphic design majors, “Eat, sleep and breath it.  Make it your life.  Be a sponge—absorbing as much as you can soak in while you are young.  Pay attention to the world around you.  One day soon your hands and mind will start shaping it,” she says.