Taylor Myrick ’13


As co-founder of Coast Charm, Taylor Myrick ’13 found a way to combine her artistic creativity with her love of the beach.

Collaborating with her uncle, the Virginia Beach native helped start the online-only store that she calls a “lifestyle t-shirt brand with a social conscience.” Coastal Charm donates 10 percent of its net profits to coastal conservation charities.

“We want to keep the beaches safe for animals and people,” Myrick explains. “Nobody wants to sit on the beach around trash.”

The idea to contribute to conservation efforts was inspired by the company Ivory Ella, another online clothing retailer that donates part of its profits to save elephants. “We wanted to do something that was a little more near and dear to our hearts,” says Myrick.

Although Myrick majored in marketing while at Radford University, her minor in art and her creative eye led Myrick’s uncle to enlist her help with the t-shirt designs. “It was my uncle’s idea. He owns a t-shirt screen printing business and already had experience with this,” says Myrick. “My uncle is creative, but he’s definitely more of a salesperson. I think he wanted a younger take on his brand and brought me in to help out. Most of the designs came from my sketches, and we have an artist who brings those sketches to life.”

Coastal Charm’s t-shirts are beach-inspired, hand-drawn designs that come in bright, pastel colors. The company also sells accessories, including beach towels, hats and sunglasses. “We have a unique point of view, all our designs are hands-on,” says Myrick. “I tap into the feeling of being at the beach when I sketch my designs. What do I feel? Calm, relaxed; and that’s the vibe that our shirts have.”

She thanks two Radford University professors for her current success. Professor James Collier, now retired advertising faculty member, helped Myrick in her major field of study. “He was so knowledgeable. He knew everything about advertising. He was the teacher I would always go to for help and the one that I trusted the most. I could just see myself being in the field.”

On the art side, Myrick thanks graphic design faculty member Ken Smith for her decision to further pursue graphic design. “He made me want to go back to school and learn it,” she says.

For current students, she offers advice drawn from her own experience.

“Follow your dreams, and don’t be afraid if you want to change your path. It’s okay – you have time for everything.”

As for the future of Coastal Charm, Myrick believes it can achieve success. She is reaching out to her sorority sisters to help spread the word in an effort to reach Coastal Charm’s audience.

You can check out Myrick’s designs and Coastal Charm’s line of products at their website, coastalcharmtees.com.