Sean Pomeroy ’94


“Radford University provided me with a wonderful six-year experience and two degrees. I flourished with the professors and the style that Radford University offered,” says Sean Pomeroy ’94, CEO at Visibility Software, LLC.

Radford University gave Pomeroy the opportunity to grow from a struggling high schooler to a scholar on his way to establishing his professional persona.

“Radford University was extremely worthwhile,” Pomeroy says. “After receiving my bachelor’s degree, I made the decision to continue my education at Radford University and earn my master’s in psychology.”

Pomeroy grew up in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. He became familiar with Radford when his best friend was admitted into Radford University.

“He always spoke highly of the campus and convinced me to visit,” Pomeroy explains. “I admired the fact that Radford University was not located in a major city, that it was the perfect size located on a beautiful campus.”

Pomeroy declared his first major in psychology. “I was interested in the business and human resources side of psychology, as opposed to counseling.”

Radford University provided Pomeroy with the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of courses. “Taking introductory classes opened my eyes to topics and career paths that I did not know existed.

“Freshman year I enrolled in a geography class with Dr. Steven Pontius, who was an extremely interesting and passionate professor,” Pomeroy continues. “I specifically remember Dr. Pontius telling me that I was going to change my major to geography by the time I graduated.”

Two years later Pomeroy declared a double major in geography.

“I would not have graduated from Radford University with two majors had it not been for Dr. Pontius."

Pomeroy did not have a great job search experience after graduation. “I had difficulty finding a job in my field that did not require two or more years of experience,” says Pomeroy. “Looking for a job takes time and patience is important and the realization it is a full time job.”

Pomeroy recently celebrated his 17th anniversary as the CEO at Visibility Software in Newberry, South Carolina. “We create talent acquisition and talent management solutions,” Pomeroy explains. “In other words, we give companies the software to be successful with their recruiting efforts and training management.

“We have over 500 companies in the U.S. and internationally that use our software, along with employees in eight different states that work for us.”

Four years ago, Pomeroy had a desire to branch out from his software company and open a coffee and wine bar called Half Full.

“I decided I wanted to experience the ‘business-to-consumer’ interaction – I wanted to have a more personal relationship with my customers,” Pomeroy explains.

“I found that the town of Newberry needed a good coffee shop downtown on Main Street,” says Pomeroy. “In my heart I am an entrepreneur. Although I had never thought of opening a restaurant, I saw the need and an opportunity.”

Pomeroy is currently operating two successful businesses at the same time. “There is a sense of synergy between the two companies – some things that you learn in one can be used in the other.”

As a resident assistant in Moffett Hall, Pomeroy would give his residents the same useful advice.

“In order to succeed at Radford University, first go to class,” says Pomeroy. “Going to class not only enhances your education, but it teaches discipline that will benefit you in life and in your career.”

He recommends that current Radford University students should expose themselves to different fields by taking many “Intro” classes. “Find out what interests you,” Pomeroy says.

“Your first job out of college will most likely be related to your degree. But, if you have taken courses in other areas and you found enjoyment in those, you may end up transitioning career paths.

“Understand what your major does for you and realize the types of jobs you can get with your major,” he adds.