Lynne Geisz '90


Lynne Geisz '90 was the first in her family to graduate college. She says her time at Radford University was unforgettable.

"My favorite memory was the week of graduation.  I had been on such a journey.  I couldn't be more thankful for the people that helped me along the way.  The day of graduation, I could see my whole family in the audience.  I felt like we all were walking across that stage.  It was such a proud moment for me," says Geisz.

Today, Geisz serves as the Chief Operating Officer for PartnerMD.  She says her faculty mentors, such as accounting professor Felix Amenkhienan, were instrumental in her future success.  "Senior year, professor Amenkhienan gave me guidance regarding how to pursue my career goals.  He told me, 'Companies don't want the best GPA or resume.  People that inspire other people, that really bridge conversation and motivate others -- that's what they want.’  I have carried that lesson with me my whole career.  There are always people with more experience, but if you focus on what makes you different, the results will speak for themselves," says Geisz.

As the chief operating officer for a growing company, Geisz  is the liaison between the medical and business side of the practice.  PartnerMD is a membership medical practice where doctors see 85 percent less patients. "The doctors take care of the members and my department takes care of everything else," says Geisz.    "If you get sick today, you are seen that day.  If you have an appointment at 9:30, you are seen by your doctor at 9:30," says Geisz. 

Geisz reflects on her time at RU daily. Her son Cameron Baumgardner is currently enrolled, and she has hired many graduates from Radford University.  "I have been in the business world for 20 years and I have hired a lot of people.  I will tell you anytime I hired a graduate from Radford University I knew they were going to hit the ground running.  To me, there is a tremendous difference between an RU graduate and anyone else.  There is a richness to the Radford experience," says Geisz.

Geisz encourages students to tap into all the resources available at RU.  "Tap into career services or the alumni network.  These people are your supporters, these are people who are invested in your success.  Alumni care about your success because you make us successful," says Geisz.  "I am the busiest person, but when I get a phone call from an RU student, they get a call back.  I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for all my mentors.  I was in over my head without family in the college wheel, but I had the RU system and that became family."