June Jennings '86


June Jennings ’86 has served the Commonwealth of Virginia for almost three decades and was recently appointed State Inspector General.

She now oversees the states’ programs of performance reviews, inspections and investigations.  She also manages the state fraud, waste and abuse hotline, the whistle blower reward program, and provides guidance to the internal audit programs in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  “This has been the most challenging and rewarding position in my career in state service.  I stay here because I strongly feel we are making a difference,” says Jennings.

Before it all began, Jennings wanted to attend a university that was the right fit for her.  “I was very apprehensive about attending a large university.  Radford University provided me with the perfect academic setting and the comfort that I needed,” says Jennings.

While at Radford, Jennings made lasting friendships that she cherishes to this day.  “I was an accounting major, so a lot of my time was spent studying.  If I was not in the books though, I enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the mountains and would always try to spend time hiking or relaxing at Bisset Park,” says Jennings.

When Jennings graduated from Radford University, she left with the mindset that hard work and commitment are critical for success.  With that attitude, Jennings made her way to the State Inspector General office and has not looked back since.  “I have worked for the Commonwealth for over 28 years now.  I have always loved the work that I do and find it to be very rewarding,” says Jennings. 

Jennings reflects often on her Radford days.  “The university has changed so much since I attended.  I am very proud of its growth and accomplishments,” says Jennings.  She encourages current students to take full advantage of their time at RU.  “The university has so many options and opportunities.  It is important to explore all of the programs and find your niche.  Most importantly, remember that hard work and commitment are the key to success,” says Jennings.