George Kite III '03

George Kite III '03

“What got me in the door were my work ethic and my experience from Radford University,” says Chief Financial Officer at Call Federal Credit Union, George Kite III ’03.

Kite graduated with a management degree and a passion for finance. “I have always been interested in finance and investing. Ever since I was 14 I have been working and saving my money. I was very interested in the power to create long-term wealth that prudent investing provided,” says Kite.

When Kite enrolled in his first finance class at Radford University with Dr. Steven Beach, he was instantly intrigued and eager to learn all the finance concepts and how they applied to him personally. 

As a student, Kite was an inaugural member of the Student Managed Investment Portfolio Organization (SMIPO). Kite still recalls the day that he was recruited by the organization’s founding president, Matt Crisp ’04.

“We started off with $100,000 from the Radford University Foundation and met weekly to research investments, discuss governance issues and to make, buy or sell decisions. We were also recruiting and managing a staff of volunteer students. It was excellent preparation for the real world,” says Kite.

SMIPO allows students at Radford University an opportunity to gain practical experience in the management and decision-making processes of a corporate structured organization. SMIPO students are currently managing a portfolio of over $1 million for the Radford University Foundation.

“When the founding members graduated, we created an advisory board to make sure that the organization remained sustainable,” says Kite. “We wanted to create a connection between the alumni and current students.”

Kite credits this organization and the University for his success. Upon going out into the real world to obtain a job, Kite was confident because he had experience interviewing his fellow peers for roles in SMIPO.

“The founding members of SMIPO dedicated their time to making the organization grow with students that were passionate about the industry. We were in charge of recruiting our fellow classmates for various roles in SMIPO. Because of this organization and the numerous internships I held during my college career, I was ready and equipped after graduation with actual work experience and an awareness of office norms and corporate culture,” says Kite.

Kite has worked as the chief financial officer for Call Federal Credit Union for more than nine years.

“As the CFO, I make sure that the financial interests of the organization are represented in all endeavors,” says Kite.

Kite works closely with the senior management team in addition to his direct reports in accounting, finance, training, marketing and the human resources department.

If Kite isn’t in the office attending meetings, he is working on his father’s beef cattle farm.

“Every other weekend I am down at the farm. I’m inside at the office all week, so it is really great being able to get dirty and work with my hands,” says Kite. “That’s kind of a way that I relax.”

Whether Kite is in the office or on the farm, he often reflects back on his time at Radford University and how his experiences in SMIPO prepared him for success.