Claire Geddry Cole Curcio ’64, M.S. ’67

Curcio pic

Claire Geddry Cole Curcio ’64, M.S. ’67 earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and became a teacher. She later earned her doctorate in counseling at Virginia Tech and is now Professor Emerita from Virginia Tech.

“I decided to study English because I enjoyed writing and the subject matter was one I had always appreciated,” said Curcio.

After teaching English for a few years, Curcio became a certified school counselor and then a central office administrator. By the time Curcio reached her 40s, she decided she was ready to return to the classroom and became a faculty member at Virginia Tech.

Recently, Curcio self-published her first book, The Death Law.

“The thesis of the book is Congress passing a law that if you are over the age of 70 and you can’t take care of yourself, you have to die,” said Curcio. “It is a strong subject, but one that I am passionate about. The underlying meaning is really that people should be able to make their own choices when they reach the end of their life.”

Curcio has published textbooks, but never fiction.

“I knew it was a risk, but it was fun! I now have the confidence to allow my imagination to roam,” said Curcio.

Curcio knows that if it weren’t for her strong educational background from Radford University she wouldn’t have the skills be an author.

“I not only reflect on my time at Radford, but I talk about it often with others,” said Curcio. “At that time, the opportunities I had in an all-women’s institution were remarkable. I had many leadership opportunities which gave me basic leadership training.”

Curcio is currently working on two more books, one of which she is writing with her granddaughter. The Death Law is available on Amazon and in the Radford University bookstore.