Anne Sluder '95


“Radford University was the best fit for me,” says Anne Sluder ’95, an elementary school physical education teacher. “From the time I was a little kid, I always wanted to play sports and go to college to play sports. I assumed that athletics would be my vehicle to afford to go to college and my primary reason to attend. It was not until I got to Radford University that I realized ‘oh my gosh –this is awesome.’

When Radford University volleyball coach Janell Dobbins visited Sluder’s high school on a recruiting trip, it did not take long for her to offer Sluder a scholarship.

“I was looking at other schools for sports, but Radford University was the best fit for me, considering it was only 30 minutes from my hometown in Wytheville, Virginia,” Sluder explains. “Volleyball is my favorite sport and I wanted the opportunity to play at the collegiate level, so I took Coach Dobbins’ advice and proudly accepted my volleyball scholarship to Radford University.”

When Sluder first began her adventure at Radford University, she knew she was going to be a member of the volleyball team, but was unsure of what she wanted to do as a professional career.

“I took various classes – economics, recreation – a little bit of everything,” Sluder says. “Radford University gave me the ability to figure out what I was interested in.”

Coach Dobbins served as a professor in the physical education program and approached Sluder with an idea. “She told me, ‘I think you would be a great physical education teacher,’” Sluder explains. “I owe a lot of credit to Coach Dobbins. She was my coach, mentor and my advisor. She was always very kind and a colorful figure that was extremely passionate about her profession.”

Sluder was a member of the volleyball team from 1990-93, and was a member of the women’s basketball team from 1992-95. Because of her outstanding contributions both on and off of the court, Sluder was ultimately inducted into the Radford University Sports Hall of Fame in 2002.

“I was honored to be added to the Radford University Sports Hall of Fame for being a multi-sport athlete, along with maintaining a high grade point average,” Sluder says.

Sluder went from an undergraduate at Radford University, where she was a full-time student-athlete for five years, to graduate school at Florida State in 1996 to fulfill her master’s degree in physical education.

“After graduating from Florida State I had options,” Sluder says. “I had my master’s degree and I was looking for a job. I had some friends who lived in Charlotte and I ended up moving there and landing my first job as a driver’s education teacher. In fact, I received my driver’s education certification at Radford University with the hope of making myself more marketable.”

Sluder is currently an elementary physical education teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina at Sterling Elementary School. She has been teaching for the past 18 years.

“I teach every child in the school from kindergarten through fifth grade,” Sluder explains. “I teach everything from juggling, kicking, running and jumping. I also coach the elementary school basketball and soccer teams.”

Sluder recommends that current Radford University students take advantage of all that the university has to offer. “Radford gave me the opportunity to study abroad and take classes in England and spend a summer in France,” she explains. “I was extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with my athletic teams to California, Indiana, New York and Florida.

“Radford University provided me with life changing experiences. Playing basketball at Radford University taught me discipline. It helped me be persistent and to always go after what I want and what I think is best for the children I teach. I learned a lot from Radford University and this made my time there even more special.”