Angela Drummond '90


Just two years after graduating from Radford University, Angela Drummond '90 became a smashing success in the business world by starting her own company called SiloSmashers. 

It assists large organizations, like the government, to adapt to modern ways. "In the past, we have helped the Federal Emergency Management Agency, (FEMA) find better ways to respond to natural disasters by having the necessary supplies on hand," says Drummond.

"Right out of college, I worked for a government contractor.  I enjoyed consulting and helping the government.  I knew I had found my passion," says Drummond.  She had the idea of modernizing the company by bringing groups together to work as an efficient team.  "In the '90s we didn't have the internet but there were some new tools in the business world that would allow people to come together and make things easier," says Drummond.  She took this idea of adapting new technologies to her boss, but he turned it down.  "I take no as a challenge.  If you don't believe in me or my ideas, I will still pursue them," says Drummond.  She then landed a contract that allowed her to kick start her company. 

At first, Drummond struggled to gain the respect of her ideas and company.  "I didn't know what I didn't know.  My father ran a company out of the house, and I knew I had the spirit inside of me to run my own," says Drummond.  She found the business world to be lonely because she did not have many peers her age or female role models.  "I had to learn everything by trial and error.  I did not have someone I could relate to or ask for guidance," says Drummond. 

She knows her hard work is making a difference.  "Seeing the impact we have on making our government more efficient and effective, exemplifies why I love what I do," says Drummond.  For Drummond, it is very rewarding to lead SiloSmashers because she knows her employees are passionate about what they do.  "People say being at the top can be very lonely, but when you have people that care just like you, it isn't," says Drummond. 

Besides running her business, Drummond gives back to her community and the causes she loves.  Drummond is working with Women in Technology Education Foundation (WITEF).  "We focus on getting young girls ages 12-25 in the 'STEM,' science, technology, engineering and math fields.  These young women are the future of what will propel our country, and it truly is a national crisis that more are not found in these fields," says Drummond.  Drummond is also a supporter of the American Heart Association.  "I currently am putting together a leadership team for the local heart walk and would love to put together a Radford University alumni team," says Drummond.

Drummond encourages students to start building their network today.  "Start building your experience and résumé credentials early.  Don't wait until you graduate.  Take on jobs in your desired field, volunteer and seek internships," says Drummond.