Abby Springmann '10


Abby Springmann '10 has used her RU education to become a well respected, high-end wedding photographer.  "My business is very personal to me.  Because wedding photography is a luxury, I limit the number of clients I take per year," says Springmann.  Abby Grace Photography is self promoted through social media and encourages personal relationships with clients.  "I have never paid for a cent of advertising.  I spend about 45 minutes or more a day on social media, getting my work out there and taking the time to interact with potential clients," says Springmann. 

Springmann's love for photography began at Radford University when she took Photography 101 during her junior year.  "I discovered I really loved photography and spent most of my time in the dark room.  By my senior year, I shadowed a wedding photographer and instantly found my passion," says Springmann. From then on, Springmann apprenticed with wedding photographers on the weekends.  After a year, she started booking her own clients.  "It all started through Facebook and word of mouth.  Once I began booking many weddings, I decided to start blogging, in order to create buzz about my work," says Springmann.   

Right out of college, Springmann worked for Northrop Grumman, a global defense contractor.  During a Highlander Day, a day for accepted students to visit the university, Springmann was approached by the father of a potential student, who just so happened to be the Communication executive with Northrop Grumman.  "He asked me what I wanted to do after graduation.  I told him I wanted to do something with communications and photography.  I knew wholeheartedly I wanted to be a wedding photographer, but I thought I should incorporate my major," says Springmann.  By the time she graduated, Springmann had a job as well as a photography business on the side. 

At Northrop Grumman, Springmann worked as the Media Relations and Corporate Citizenship Representative.  "There are some things you should and should not say to the media, and one of my jobs was to make sure that only appropriate information was released," says Springmann.  After two years of working for the corporation, Springmann left Northrop and solely focused on Abby Grace Photography.

"The best part about what I do is being able to deliver photos to a couple and watch them see themselves as I do.  It is beautiful to see what pictures can do to a relationship," says Springmann.  Springmann views her photography as an opportunity to express and revisit the love within ones relationship.  "I know a picture can't fix it all, but quality time with your loved one, falling in love all over again, then seeing it captured in a photograph is a beautiful and healing experience," says Springmann.

Today, Springmann gives back to her alma mater by visiting campus and sharing her story with students.  When talking to students, she encourages them to network from the beginning.  "I can't tell you how many weddings I have booked through referrals.  Networking is the most important tool," says Springmann.  She also encourages students to take Business and Professional Communication.  "I learned so much in that class and everything I learned there is applicable.  Hands down the most valuable class I took at Radford," says Springmann