Pavers and Benches


The Alumni Walk of Fame is available to alumni, friends, faculty and staff at Radford University. The area is located on the former Adams Street near Cook and Waldron halls. The Alumni Walk of Fame is the perfect place to honor those you love and respect.

Your contribution counts!

Your donation for a paver in The Alumni Walk of Fame will be considered a gift in support of Office of Alumni Relations projects. It is tax deductible as allowed by law. It may also qualify for the matching gift program at your company; please check with your employer.

For details about this program, contact Donna Johnston at 540-831-5167 or e-mail

Alumni Walk of Fame Options

Each paver costs $300
Each paver contains space for four lines of text. A maximum of 13 spaces per line (including punctuation and blank spaces).

Creating Your Message

Use of symbols is limited to the following:

  • ampersand (&)
  • apostrophe (’)
  • comma (,)
  • dash or hyphen (-)
  • exclamation point (!)
  • forward slash (/)
  • numeric (#)
  • period (.)
  • plus (+)
  • and quotes (”)

Sororities, fraternities and other organizations can sponsor a commemorative brick as a means of honoring their current membership. Greek letters are available.

Greek Letters Available
A Alpha I Iota P Rho
B Beta K Kappa Σ Sigma
Γ Gamma Λ Lambda T Tau
Δ Delta M Mu Y Upsilon
E Epsilon N Nu Φ Phi
Z Zeta Ξ Xi X Chi
H Eta O Omicron Ψ Psi
Θ Theta Π Pi Ω Omega



The Office of Alumni Relations offers many opportunities for you to leave your mark at Radford University. One special way is through the purchase and placement of RU benches.

Radford Benches surrounding campus can carry a commemorative message on a 3" x 1" brass tag. A limited number of Radford benches are available for $1,000 each.

For details about this program, contact Donna Johnston at 540-831-5167 or e-mail