Radford University Alumni Association


The Radford University Alumni Association LLC serves Radford University and its 80,000+ alumni throughout the world. Its primary goal is to broaden alumni engagement through a variety of initiatives which meet the needs of the constituents while supporting the Radford University Strategic Plan.

Invest in People. Invest in Programs. Invest in Society. Invest in the Future.

The Alumni Association strives to stimulate intellectual, social and financial participation by its constituents to foster a sense of pride in the university and strengthen the bond between the university and its alumni.

Purpose and Guiding Principles

  • We value the diverse alumni of Radford University and are committed to strengthening the relationships between alumni and the university through accessible and inclusive programs and services.
  • We value the faculty, staff and administration of the university and their work in preparing future alumni for meaningful and successful lives.
  • We value the role of communication and cultivation in engaging alumni in academic, social and philanthropic activities.
  • We value the future of Radford University and its student - our future alumni.
  • We value and understand the legacy we create at Radford University.
  • We value and recognize targeted engagement.
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Board of Directors

Kevin Rogers '87

Kevin Rogers '87

I serve my alma mater because...
What we do for ourselves dies with us and is forgotten. What we do for others in this world remains immortal.

Dale Ardizzone '85, M.S. '86

Dale Ardizzone '85, M.S. '86

I serve my alma mater because...
It's a great way to give back. Radford provided me with the education and experiences needed to go on to graduate school, and eventually a career in law and television. Serving on the Alumni Board presents a unique opportunity to express my gratitude and appreciation. I also believe that support from alumni, whether through time or treasure or both, is critical to the current success and future growth of the University. Finally, investing in Radford increases the value of all of our degrees.

GeGe Beall '82, M.S. '90

GeGe Beall '82, M.S. '90

I serve my alma mater because...
Radford served me. I owe so much of my success to Radford University and its engaged professors, its amazing learning environment, and my loving, life-long Radford University friends.

Mary Campbell '71, M.S. '71

Hilary Blackburn '84

I serve my alma mater because...
It is my opportunity to give back to the school that has given me an excellent education, leadership skills, and friendships for life. In this role, I hope to help students and alumni connect and engage.

Hannah Gullickson ‘16

Tawanna Blassingame '92

I serve my alma mater because...
It's important to show younger generations of my involvement. You never know what type of impact you can make upon the young college students. I had several role models as I was pursuing my degree at Radford University and it was a daily reminder that my presence as an undergraduate was just the beginning of something greater.


Pete D. Campbell '92

I serve my alma mater because...
Radford University afforded me an outstanding education, as well as provided me the opportunity to meet life-long friends. I want to give back to the University and the students because I believe in Radford University's Mission to empower student success through an outstanding educational experience while providing an environment for developing a successful network of personal relationships.


Byron Chafin '90

I serve my alma mater because...
It is easy to explain why I wish to continue to serve Radford University. I am so proud of the past, present, and future direction of the school. The dedication of the faculty and staff is inspiring, and the student body continues to improve year after year. Radford University will continue to shine for generations to come.


Rita Davis '80

Rita Davis '80

I serve my alma mater because…
Giving the gift of time, energy and enthusiasm is one simple way to share the compelling legacy of Radford University, encourage prospective students, and foster and promote lasting relationships between school and alumni.  

Michael DeFilippo ‘90

Mike "Flip" DeFilippo '90

I serve my alma mater because…
My time at Radford University was a life changing experience and I now have an unbreakable bond and desire to serve all those in the Highlander Nation!


Sherry Fisher '85

I serve my alma mater because...
I loved my time as a student at Radford University and am grateful for the education that I received and the opportunities that followed. I am excited to have the chance to work to strengthen connections among current and future alumni and to remain an active participant in the Radford University community.



Susan M. Furr '86

I serve my alma mater because...
I am the person I am today as a direct result of the experiences and education I received at Radford University. Simply put, I am grateful.



Gina Gallagher '85

I serve my alma mater because...
My time at Radford University was memorable and the educational experience I received was exceptional. It is now time to take what has been afforded to me and pay it forward. 

As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one is for helping yourself, the other for helping others.
- Audrey Hepburn


Nicole Gwanzura '12, MBA '13

I serve my alma mater because...
It's the place I found a sense of encouragement and support for my career and personal aspirations. The community and quality of education continues to raise the standard. I serve my alma mater because I met a life-long partner and life-long friends during my time as a student. I have faculty and staff that continue to check in many years after my graduation and that is something I will continue to cherish. I serve my alma mater because I want to be a pillar of support and a community builder for the future Highlanders to come!

Michael Morsberger ‘87

Landon Hinton '13

I serve my alma mater because...Radford University contributed greatly to my success and helped shape the individual I am today. It gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the most influential professors around, experience culture outside the country and meet life-long friends along the way. I am incredibly thankful for the time I spent at Radford and want to continue to be engaged as the university grows!

Greg Humble ‘01

Greg Humble '01

I serve my alma mater because...
I enjoy the people in the Radford University community and I want to connect with students and help influence them to become successful graduates.

Brandon Jackson ’10

Brandon Jackson '10

I serve my alma mater because...
I'm forever grateful for the opportunities Radford University has provided me and I feel it's important to give back to the next generation so they also understand and continue to drive the Highlander pride.

Lisa Pompa ‘86

Nana "T-Chee" Kum '09

I serve my alma mater because...
Radford University helped to blossom my childhood curiosities into full-fledged passions that has enabled me to become the technology professional that I am today. As a firm believer of the concept of giving back, serving my alma mater offers an opportunity for me to tap into the future generation and provide them with a similar support structure that Radford gave to me.

G. Thomas Lillard ‘79

G. Thomas Lillard '79

I serve my alma mater because...
It provided me and my family the experiences and opportunities to succeed in life.

Nancy Manning ‘65

Nancy Manning '65

I serve my alma mater because...
I am forever grateful to Radford for allowing me to be a first generation college graduate.


Tyler Swarmer '16

I serve my alma mater because...
Radford University provided me with many rewarding opportunities both personally and in my professional career. I am so very appreciative of those who came before me, who served to build the foundation of this tremendous University. Serving on the Alumni Board is my way to say thank you and to help continue Radford's growth, to ensure those opportunities for those who come.


Correy Watkins '02

I serve my alma mater because...
It gave me the opportunity to grow as an athlete, but more importantly, as a young adult. I was blessed with the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life and to try to become the best version of myself. My coach used to say, "four years to play and forty years to remember!" Attending Radford University was the opportunity of a lifetime.