2024-25 Foundation Scholarship Policy Information

Your Foundation scholarship(s) will be included as a part of your financial aid package and will be added to your student account. Typically, scholarships are divided in half and applied equally to the fall and spring semesters or equally between fast-track terms for fall and spring.

You must accept your scholarship(s) and complete your post acceptance process, which includes submitting your thank you letter(s) as instructed, by the deadline listed in your award notification.

  • If you do not submit your thank you letter, the University reserves the right to remove your scholarship and re-award it.

You may be invited to Radford University's Partners in Excellence luncheon, which honors our donors and celebrates our students.

  • This luncheon is likely to be held during the fall 2024 semester and is hosted by the University. Your attendance is expected if your donor plans to attend. The Office of Advancement will reach out to you if that is the case.
    • Exceptions may include a University class or other University sanctioned event for which there is a time conflict, and your faculty cannot excuse you. You will need to alert the Office of Advancement ahead of time if this is the case.
    • Often there is potential for you to be excused from class or other University sanctioned events, and you may request assistance from the Office of Advancement in communicating with your faculty about being excused.
    • If there is an unexpected emergency that keeps you from attending, you must contact the Office of Advancement as soon as possible. Failure to attend or communicate about your emergency may result in the removal of the scholarship.

You must continue to meet the scholarship criteria, which may include major, full-time status, GPA, conduct, academic progress, etc.

  • Your status is checked regularly to ensure the University is following donor intent. If you no longer meet the criteria of a scholarship, it must be removed from your financial aid. You may view your scholarship’s criteria by going to https://radford.academicworks.com or contacting Cherie Durbin at cdurbin2@radford.edu.

For Foundation scholarships in which demonstrated financial need is included as part of the criteria, a FAFSA must be on file through the Financial Aid Office.

  • Radford University reserves the right to change or cancel awards if eligibility changes as a result of verification or FAFSA updates.

For either full-time or part-time students, total Foundation scholarship awards, or the combination of Foundation scholarship awards and other aid programs, cannot exceed the cost of attendance.

  • If a Foundation scholarship causes a student’s financial aid to exceed the cost of attendance, other financial aid (typically loans) will be adjusted or removed allowing for the best possible outcome for the student.
  • The University reserves the right to reduce a scholarship based on federal and state regulations regarding cost of attendance, even after the award notification.

Fall-only requests: If a student anticipates graduating in the fall, the spring portion of the scholarship may be awarded for the fall semester (not to exceed the cost of attendance).

  • Approvals will be made on a case-by-case basis and only with permission from the University. Students must have an application for graduation submitted to the Registrar’s Office. No additional funds will be awarded for the spring semester should fall graduation plans change for any of the scholarship(s) awarded on a fall-only basis.

Many Foundation scholarship awards are based on full-time attendance at Radford University. If a student drops below full-time status for a scholarship that requires full- time status, the scholarship will be removed.

  • Undergraduate full-time enrollment is 12+ credit hours. Graduate full-time enrollment is 9+ credit hours. Combined fast-track terms would need to equal full-time hours for fall and spring timeframes.
  • Only classes taken through Radford University are included in the number of hours that determine full-time status unless approval is obtained from the University.
  • Classes taken for audit do not count toward credit hours considered for eligibility.

Students should complete a scholarship application each year to be considered because some scholarships require re-application.

All scholarships are subject to the availability of funds and may or may not be awarded each year, depending on the current economic condition.

Although every effort is made to present the most accurate information, the information provided herein is subject to change due to federal, state or University regulation or policy or University funding.

Questions? Contact Cherie Durbin: cdurbin2@radford.edu or 540-831-7171.

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