The Selu Conservancy

Celebrating 25 years of learning, discovering and exploring at Radford University's Selu Conservancy.

The 380-acre conservancy offers students and faculty a living laboratory for research and artistic endeavors.

"Imagine if you were a student that had the opportunity to spend the summer on 380 acres of wild and beautiful land.  Students can do everything from conduct original research in geospatial science and biology to developing trail systems as a part of the Department of Recreation, Parks and Tourism.  Students can be inspired by the landscape to write essays, poems and plays.  Simply graduating from college is no longer enough.  Students must demonstrate skill through research, internships and other educational experiences. Selu is an established location to provide needed training for students.  Let's make it a part of the experience for more students!"

– Sockton Maxwell, RU Assistant Professor of Geospatial Science

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"Selu offers an opportunity for our students to learn and explore under their own power, to develope one-of-a-kind personalized research experiences, and to engage in first-hand scholarship connected integrally to the unique features and history of southwestern Virginia.  Supporting Selu is supporting the best practices in education and scholarship."

– Jason Davis, Radford University Assistant Professor of Biology

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