Honoring an Occasion

Gifts that Leave a Legacy

You can give your name or that of another person, group or business to a Radford University facility or program. Naming opportunities are a way for alumni, family and friends to make gifts in honor of milestone events, groups or individuals, or in memory of loved ones.

Naming gifts can support student scholarships, faculty research, creative endeavors or the construction and furnishing of a university building.

Scholarship Legacy Lives On

“Radford University’s music department has nurtured and grown my love for music throughout my last two years,” said Marion S. Gray Scholarship in Music scholarship recipient Erin O’Neil. “And with the assistance of this scholarship, I am able to continue and prosper in my educational endeavors. I can’t imagine my life without the joy music brings to me. I hope to one day share my love of music with many people all around the world.”

The same passion and generosity of heart and spirit came naturally to Dr. George A. Gray. Although an engineer by profession, he ardently supported his first wife Marion’s music profession. When she died, he endowed the Marion S. Gray Scholarship in Music.

He knew first-hand how scholarships can make a difference in students’ lives. His mother gave him $20 when he left for Clarkson College as a young man. While there he took a variety of jobs to pay for his food and tuition. When he was a junior at Clarkson, a professor, recognizing brilliance in the young George, arranged for the college to award him a full scholarship. In return, George taught mathematics to freshmen students. Dr. Gray said that the scholarship gave him the boost he needed. After serving as an officer in World War II, he earned his Ph.D. at Yale. He never forgot the impact his scholarship had on his confidence and on his future. He felt that anyone who had been given even the smallest educational opportunity through a benefactor should give back to future students -- and that he did.

In May 2013, Dr. Gray died suddenly at the age of 92. His legacy of hard work and generosity will live on in the lives of future students like Erin, who will then share their passion with others.

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