Chris' Story

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Chris Phillips

Name: Chris Phillips
College: College of Visual and Performing Arts
Major: Theatre
Clubs/Activities: Economics Book Club; Dance Performer; Student Representative on the Play Selection and Review Committee
Hometown: Radford, Virginia

Why Radford? 
Radford University is both close-knit and massively diverse. As students, we have our individual majors, areas of study and groups of like-minded people, but we are not afraid to branch out and discuss ideas or form new connections with other students and faculty.

What is your favorite Radford University memory?
As a theatre major focused on directing, my biggest project to date was directing a show called Speech & Debate last fall. After the stressful but rewarding experience of rehearsals, we reached opening night. As I looked around, it dawned on me that every person sitting in the audience was there to watch my work. That moment inspired me to work even harder because we all have an impact, even if we don’t always realize it.

Who is your favorite professor?
All of the theatre faculty members take a genuine interest in their students’ goals and accomplishments. I have had many long conversations over coffee with professors discussing what seems like a simple topic at first, but branches out to a greater scope. Because of these sincere relationships, I have formed close bonds with most of my professors, making it hard to choose a favorite. The one who has influenced me most is Wesley Young, my advisor and directing mentor. I have worked closely with him and learned so much in my specific focus.

How has donor support helped you as a student?
Without donor support, I would not be able to attend college — it really is that simple. I will always be grateful to those who have made my college education possible through scholarship support. I know the education I am receiving will impact my future in many ways and prepare me for lifelong success, and I wouldn’t be here without them. The experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met and the knowledge I’ve gained at Radford University will stay with me forever, and it is all made possible by donors.

Do you have a message for donors and prospective donors?
Your help does not go unnoticed. Anyone who receives assistance is made better for it — I know I am. To those who have personally helped me, I cannot thank you enough. As I said before, higher education is important, and your support is allowing more people (like me) access to opportunities they may not experience otherwise. Thank you!