The Passion and Power of the Collective

The division that knits the campus together digitally and electronically to support the everyday functions of the university pulled together to create a scholarship for deserving students.

This summer, the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) employees pooled their resources to establish a scholarship modeled after the long-standing Facilities Management scholarships that were created by more than 1,000 small gifts over more than three decades. The DoIT Employee Scholarship is funded through gifts by the 85-person DoIT team and other donors.

“Many of the DoIT staff, including me, are RU graduates who truly understand and value our education and experience at Radford University,” said Associate Vice President of Information Technology Ed Oakes ’92, M.S. ’06.

The DoIT Employee Scholarship will be a helping hand from this committed group of employees to deserving students who need it. Primarily, the fund will support scholarships for the children or relatives of current or retired DoIT employees. Children of other RU employees and information technology students from southwestern Virginia will be considered as the fund grows or in the absence of applications from DoIT families.

The DoIT Employee Scholarship drive exemplifies people working together on others’ behalf by sharing annual individual contributions. Like the information technology infrastructure that underpins the RU learning community, the DoIT Employee Scholarship Fund is another example of how the Radford community accomplishes collectively what may be impossible alone.