Radford Changes, a Legacy Continues

Radford University has changed much over the past century, but many legacies created in its history still shape campus today.

To Alice Winfrey ’46, it was Radford College, a small institution for the education of Virginia’s young women. She studied for a two-year Business Education degree on a smaller campus, in a quiet country town.

Winfrey’s love for the school later inspired her daughters, Brenda and Marsha, to attend.

Brenda Mullane ’78, earned her B.S. in Interior Merchandising at a school undergoing a transformation. The institution admitted male students, the adopted of the “Highlander” mascot and a shifted from college to university, however, the Radford spirit stayed the same.  This was a place where students found their way with the help of caring faculty and began their successful future.

The Radford tradition was so important that Brenda, along with her husband Gerry, decided to contribute $26,500 to endow the Alice Winfrey Scholarship, which will benefit a rising junior or senior from Virginia majoring in interior design.

“Radford was a wonderful place for us,” Mullane said, noting that her professors encouraged her to strive for excellence. “Today, Radford continues to attract students from many parts of the country and the world who are drawn to excellence in education and the variety of fields it has to offer…we’re delighted that we can help.”