Powerfully Dedicated

All gifts to Radford University make a difference. Many times we hear about the large gifts that endow scholarships and fund athletic facilities. These gifts are vital to creating opportunities for our students to achieve their academic and athletic goals.

Just as important are the smaller, consistent gifts that quietly make it possible for students to present undergraduate research at a national conference, to travel to a practicum at a healthcare facility an hour away, or to help an athletic team travel to away competitions.

Over the past decade, nearly 250 dedicated supporters have made a gift every single year. Although those single gifts were often less than $50, in the past 10 years alone, those gifts added up to more than $2.3 million to provide academic and athletic opportunities for Radford University students.

More than 850 alumni and friends have given each year for the last five years or more. Collectively they have given close to $2.5 million to the university over the last five years. This would be enough to endow 100 scholarships for deserving students!

Radford University Director of University Advancement Brea MacBrien keeps her eye on the giving trends of the University’s most loyal supporters. She says their dedication is awe-inspiring. “The size of the gift is not always what matters most. It’s the fact that our generous donors choose to give back year after year. When we all come together, just look at the impact that is possible!”