Opportunity to Excel and Serve

Bowen Sheng ’16
Bowen Sheng ’16

Bowen Sheng ’16 said, “the decision to pursue medicine was gained through a gradual exposure to the science and art of it through my classes, nursing experience and my own research.”

“My first class my freshman year was anatomy and physiology with College of Science and Technology Dean Orion Rogers, who inspired a deep fascination with the inner complexity of the human body,” said Sheng.

He said that during his junior year at Radford University, after a lot of self-reflection and support from his brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, he realized he belonged in medicine. “My epiphany was not one of a desire to go to medical school, but a necessity. I knew that was where I needed to be. I was inspired by the realization that from all of the opportunities I have been given, all that I had been privileged with, I had the duty to use all for the betterment of those around me,” said Sheng.

During his final fall semester, his pre-health advisor, biology faculty member Georgia Hammond, suggested that he apply for the Dr. Ann S. Ferren MCAT Preparation Scholarship. Sheng applied and was awarded this competitive scholarship that offsets a portion of the cost associated with a Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) preparatory course.

“Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to afford access to the numerous high-quality practice tests, which were instrumental in improving my score. If I did not have access to those practice tests, I would not have come even close to being prepared for the MCAT. This test is one that requires rigorous practice over and over again,”
said Sheng.

Thanks to his diligent studying and the practice tests, Sheng scored in the 99th percentile — just one point away from the 100th percentile mark. He received a perfect score in both his chemical and physical foundations of biological systems and his biological and biochemical foundations of living systems — the two main science sections of the test.

While taking the MCAT, he felt confident in his knowledge. “I remember coming out to the waiting area at each break time absolutely beaming, with the feeling of succeeding at the previous sections carrying me through each subsequent section,” said Sheng.

Sheng is very thankful to Ann Ferren for believing in Radford University students like him and providing the support they need to succeed.

“Thank you so much for your extraordinarily generous donation. It has been instrumental in helping me achieve my score, and I am sure it will significantly affect the scores of other fortunate recipients of this scholarship. My MCAT score is a direct result of all of the support that I have had during my entire process as a student at Radford University, and the financial support is certainly no small aspect of it,” said Sheng.

Sheng is looking forward to medical school and a future of helping others. He says that “becoming a physician is the best way that I can be of use to society and my community while still being able to satisfy my innate desire for personal fulfillment by caring for others as a lifelong learner.”