Continuing the Tradition of Excellence

Russell ’84, daughter Danielle and Lisa ’86 Pompa
Russell ’84, daughter Danielle and Lisa ’86 Pompa

It would be safe to assume that the Pompa family bleeds “Radford Red.” How else would you explain the family’s strong ties to and continued support of Radford University?

“When I reflect on my time at Radford, I am filled with happiness and a yearning for that time again,” says Lisa Pompa ’86. “I’m inspired to relive those memories and share with today’s students how the University helped me find confidence, accountability, integrity, the most incredible lifelong friends, and how that has impacted the success I have today both personally and professionally.”

Lisa met her husband Russell ’84 when they were both students at Radford University. Marrying in 1991, together the Pompas began a tradition of giving that culminated in the donation of $10,000 to the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences. A plaque dedicated to the family hangs in the new College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences building, just outside of the conference room named in their honor.

“I donate because I am very appreciative of how Radford University influenced my life in so many positive ways,” explains Lisa. “I want to contribute in order to ensure that experience is available to all current and future students.”

One of the current students she refers to is her daughter, third-year criminal justice major Danielle.

“I was always amazed at how many friends my parents stayed in contact with from college and how they all had this incredible story about how much they loved Radford and what it meant to them,” says Danielle. “I also noticed that all of these friends were super-successful, and the common denominator was ‘Radford University.’ I didn’t want to miss out on the same experience, so the decision to attend was very easy for me!”

In keeping with President Brian O. Hemphill’s belief that philanthropic support goes beyond just “treasure,” but also encompasses “time and talent” as well, Russell currently sits on the College of Humanities and Behavioral Sciences Advisory Board, offering him the opportunity to help mentor Radford University students.

“I left Radford University well prepared and with a strong support system of friends and teachers from my time there,” Lisa explains. “I am most proud of the fact that I have managed to have not only professional success in my life, but that I also balance that with just as much personal happiness.

“Radford University taught me how to prioritize keeping core values like respect, honesty, responsibility and hard work at the center of all that I do.”