Charter ($1,000 - $2,499)

* deceased
+ matching gift


Ms. Jeanette G. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Alvarez
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Ames
Mr. Steven Arkon
Mr. James Alva Ashurst '95 and Mrs. Leigh Ashurst


Mr. Gary D. Bachman and Mrs. Trina Sharp Bachman '78
Mr. Stephen A. Barber '92 and Mrs. Pernie Williams Barber '98
Dr. Richard Bay and Mrs. Patricia Buchanan '06
Mr. Richard Albert Baynton, MBA '98 and Mrs. Elaine H. Baynton*
Mr. Jean-Pierre Beckham '87 and Mrs. Dana Beckham +
Mr. Reginald C. Berry and Mrs. Karen Garner Berry '72
Mr. Jonathan Thomas Bishop '00
Mr. Arthur L. Black, Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn Anderson Black '66 +
Mr. A. P. Boxley and Mrs. Dale Snead Boxley '69
Dr. Charles C. Boyd, Jr. and Dr. Donna C. Boyd
Ms. Margaret G. Burton


Mr. Stephen Cagle '89 and Mrs. Ann Cagle '85
Dr. Jack E. Call and Dr. Debra Call
Mr. Larry Joseph Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. John Carroll +
Dr. Christofer Catterson
Dr. Joseph D. Chase and Dr. Melissa W. Chase '87
Mr. and Mrs. David Clelland
Miss Louise Clendenen '60
Mr. Daren Colaiacovo '91 and Mrs. Diane Ivens Colaiacovo '91
Dr. Kenna M. Colley
Mr. Gary Cornwell and Mrs. Laura Bireley Cornwell '73
John and Ann Marie Cox
Mr. Ronal D. Cox
Mr. R. Bruce Cunningham and Mrs. Bonnie B. Cunningham '80
Mr. Mark Stephen Curran '82 and Mrs. Jacqueline M. Curran


Ms. Patricia Louise DeLoatche '82
Ms. Helen Baddour Deneka
Mr. Nicholas H. Des Champs and Mrs. Becky Moles Des Champs '66
Mr. Steven Charles Dougherty '87 and Mrs. Maggie Dougherty
Mrs. Kathryn Applegate Duffer '85


Mr. Patrick Fisher and Mrs. Debra Dee Fisher '76
Mr. C. Frank Fitzgerald '81, M.S. '83 and
Mrs. Hollie Elizabeth Fitzgerald '05
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Flory
Dr. Rachel D. Fowlkes
Mr. Thomas Fraim '87 and Mrs. Julie Stark Fraim '89


Mr. Armand Gammarino and Ms. Caroline Thomas
Mr. Michael Ean Ginsburg '99 and Mrs. Dawn Piedel Ginsburg '99
Dr. Dennis O. Grady and Ms. Martha Stephenson


Mr. Thomas F. Hanton III '90 and Mrs. Dana Drews Hanton '91
Mr. James T. Harman '92
Mr. E. Franklin Hart and Mrs. Carol Morgan Hart '66
Mr. Andrew Hartley and Mrs. Amy Hartley
Mr. John C. Harves
Dr. and Mrs. C. William Hickam, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. R. Graham Hoskins
Major Gregory Vance Humble '01
Mr. Kory Hummer '91 and Mrs. Mary Hummer '95


Dr. Laura J. Jacobsen
Mr. Stephen L. Jamison and Mrs. Brenda Atkins Jamison '69 +
Dr. Susan W. Johnston and Mr. Joseph S. Johnston
Mr. Todd N. Joyce '99 and Ms. Dana D. Joyce '91


Mr. Warren Kark and Mrs. Margie Branscome Kark '67, M.S '70
Ms. Patricia P. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Danny M. Kemp


Dr. and Mrs. Rogers F. Lambert
Mr. Lawrence Laramay and Mrs. Karen Lackey Laramay '78 +
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Lefko
Mrs. Eleaner Otto Leftwich '58
Mrs. Etta Osborne Legner '66
Mr. James R. Lewis and Mrs. Mary Lou Bell Lewis '71 +
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lewis
Mr. Norman G. Lineburg and Mrs. Joann Young Lineburg '60, M.S. '72
Dr. George Low
Dr. Cynthia P. Lyon '69 and Mr. James W. Lyon


Mr. Albert Mah '85 and Mrs. Rhonda Counts Mah '87
Mr. Walter S. Manning, Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Ellen Manning '66
Ms Lindsay Marti
Mr. Curtis J. Martin II '92 and Mrs. Mary Johnson Martin
Ms. Katherine M. McCarthy
Mr. Brian David McCarty* and Mrs. Carolyn D. McCarty '92 +
Mr. Garland McKenzie and Mrs. Barbara Emory McKenzie '79
Mr. Robert Mehlich and Mrs. Anne Shera Mehlich '74
Mr. Michael Anthony Miano '85 and Mrs. Heather K. Miano '91
Dr. Patrick B. Mikesell
Mr. Kevin Wilson Milks
Mrs. Billie Linder Mills '75
Mr. Robert E. Minnick
Mr. John R. Montgomery '81 and Mrs. Sharie Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Moore
Dr. David J. Moore and Mrs. Priscilla M. Moore, M.S. '68
Mr. Kenneth Harris Moore, Jr. and Mrs. Pam Propst Moore '85
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott Muir +


Mr. Robert L. Nicholson III
Mr. Matthew John Novak '88 +
Ms. Holly C. Novak +


Mr. Steven F. Oake '17
Mr. Ed Oakes '92 and Mrs. Melissa Oakes '92
Frances O'Brien
Mr. William L. Ochsenwald
Mr. Joseph O'Connor '85 and Mrs. Michelle O'Connor '91


Mr. Rick E. Pearson '93 and Mrs. Laura L. Pearson '92
Mr. Timothy Lee Penn '88 and Mrs. Sherry Penn +
Mr. James A. Pennix, M.S. '01 and Mrs. Lisa Pennix
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Perrin, Jr. +
Mr. Michael Valdemar Peters '83 and Mrs. Shannon G. Peters
Mr. Anoput Phimmasone '87 and Mrs. Stephanie A. Phimmasone +
Mr. Julian Price


Mrs. Elizabeth Quillin +


Dr. Anthony Ramsey '01 and Mrs. Kimberly Ramsey '01
Dr. Kenneth L. Reifsnider and Dr. Marty Basham Reifsnider, M.S. '67
Mr. Harry Richardson, Jr. '75 and Mrs. Wanda Stone Richardson
Mr. David C. Ridpath and Mrs. Lisa H. Ridpath '91, MBA '99
Dr. and Mrs. J. Orion Rogers
Mr. David W. Roop
Ms. Margaret C. Rowell
Mr. Leslie Clary Rucker, Jr. and Mrs. Gail M. Rucker '67 +


Mr. Joseph W. Sande +
Mr. George Scott
Mr. David W. Silek
Mr. Francis Butler Simkins, III '92 and Mrs. Jodi Simkins
Mr. Eric D. Singer and Mrs. Lynette Craig Singer '78
Mr. Richard D. Sisson, Jr. and Mrs. Glena Dunn Sisson '69
Mr. Thomas Jefferson Smith '81 and Mrs. Daphne Thea Smith '84
Mr. David Anthony Smith '85 and Mrs. Pebbles Maynard Smith '85
Mr. Craig Anthony Smith '98 and Mrs. Mary Smith
Mr. H. Vincent Snidow and Mrs. Nancy Joyner Snidow '67
Dr. David Sparks
Mr. Paul J. Graham '10 and Ms. Laura C. Stokes '10
Mr. Donald Ellis Strehle '78 and Mary Lee Strehle '79


Dr. and Mrs. Chuck Taylor
Mr. Frank Taylor and Mrs. Ellen S. Taylor '92
Mr. Anthony Testa and Mrs. Christine Anne Testa '93
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thiss
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond H. Thrift
Mr. Kenneth Haven Tickle, Jr. '80
Mr. Thomas Nicholas Troisi and Mrs. Jacqueline Bahre Troisi '78 +
Mr. Jimmy Turk and Mrs. Allison Blanding Turk '93


Dr. Edward Udd


Mr. Michael A. Von Essen '03 and Ms. Kaycee L. Von Essen '03


Mr. Franklin Alexander West
Mr. Robert Andrew Whisnant and Mrs. Michelle Dyer Whisnant '84
Mrs. Mary Stewart Whitmore '57
Mr. John G. Williams
Mr. Jeffrey A. Wilson and Mrs. Pamela Moricle Wilson '79
Mrs. Melissa E. Wohlstein
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Wray +
Ms. Brenda Wright
Mr. Jon Wyatt and Mrs. Mary Trigg Wyatt '63


The Honorable Joseph Ryan Yost '06 and Ms. Lisa Robinson Yost '09


Mr. Jonathan M. Zeitz