Century ($100 - $249)

* deceased
+ matching gift


Mr. Joachim Adamczyk and Mrs. Nancy Singleton Adamczyk '69
Dr. Sharon Jones Adams '66
Mr. Jason Adkins '98 and Mrs. Tennille Alexander Adkins
Mr. Frank Aker and Mrs. Mary Bowman Aker '68
Mr. Donald Richard Aker '83 and Mrs. Anne McKenzie Aker '73
Ms. Mary Holmes Akers '81
Mr. Carl Doss Akers '63 and Mrs. Mary Akers '71
Mr. Stephen J. Albanna '87
Mr. Andrew H. Aldrich and Mrs. Patricia Peach Aldrich '60
Ms. Laura N. Aldstadt '14
Mr. David Allen
Ms. Mary Carter Allen '49
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley John Allen
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Allen
Ms. Linda Kay Alsup '74, M.S. '89
Ms. Sheri Elliott Altizer '93
Mr. Keith Andrew Amidon '14
Ms. Margaret Ann Amos '64
Ms. Erin M. Anderson '01
Mrs. Rachel Hudnall Anderson '68
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Anderson
Mr. Daniel Andrew Angel '98 and Mrs. Melissa Lea Angel '96
Mr. and Mrs. Victor L. Anger
Mr. Paul Angermeier
Mrs. Joanna Gilmore Angle '68
Mr. Luigi Antonelli and Ms. Danielle Antonelli
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Armbruster
Mr. Bob Armentrout and Mrs. Judith Latham Armentrout '66
Mr. William T. Armstrong and Mrs. Elizabeth S. Armstrong
Mr. Clifton Clowers and Mrs. Lisa Baszner Clowers '90
Mr. Zachary Robert Assenat '14
Ms. Susan Lynn Athey
Dr. June St Clair Atkinson '69
Mr. Hampton Eugene Austin and Mrs. Trula Hess Austin '64
Ms. Angela Auz
Dr. Guy S. Axtell


Ms. Gloria L. Baber
Mr. Raymond Babineau and Mrs. Sharon Elizabeth Babineau '90
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Bagato
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bagley
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Baine
Mr. Robert Baine
Dr. Stephen Monroe Baker '68 and Mrs. Judith H. Baker
Mr. Edwin C. Baladi '12
Dr. Revathi Balakrishnan
Mr. James B. Ballard
Ms. Jacqueline M. Bangs
Mr. Ernest Wayne Barber '85 and Mrs. Melanie Barber
Mr. Julian A. Barbour and Mrs. Joanne Melton Barbour '63
Mr. Paul G. Barboza and Mrs. Ellen Deptula Barboza '82
Ms. Laura J. Barnum
Mr. Donald R. Barrans and Mrs. Nancy Smith Barrans '60
Mr. Robert Paul Barrett '07
Ms. Sharon G. Barrett
Dr. Roann Barris
Mr. and Mrs. John Barry
Mrs. Ann Hartsock Bartley '96
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Basham
Dr. Robert Leroy Bashore '71
Mr. James E. Baucom and Mrs. Mary Adams Baucom '77
Mr. William Scott Baugh '96 and Mrs. Laurie Baugh
Mrs. Teresa O'Flaherty Baugher '71
Mr. Jeffrey J. Bazow '99 and Mrs. Heather Bazow
Mr. David Lloyd Beach '81 and Mrs. Ann M. Beach
Capt. Annette Beadle USN '85
Mr. Richard K. Beam and Mrs. Judith Brown Beam '71
Mr. Charles Beck and Mrs. Gabrielle Lynn Beck '83
Ms. Barbara-lyn Belcher '65
Mr. Tom Bell '87 and Mrs. Laura Bell '82, M.S. '83
Mr. Melvin H. Bell and Mrs. Betty Bell '61
Mr. Curtis L. Bender
Ms. Mary Susan Bennett '78
Mrs. Jo-Ellen G. Benson
Ms. Ellen M. Bielema
Mr. Claude A. Billings and Ms. Sarah Billings
Mr. Mark D. Bishop and Mrs. Sharon Madill Bishop '85
Mr. Brad E. Bizzell
Mr. Charles Blackburn and Mrs. Hilary Judith Blackburn '84
Mr. Preston Blackmon and Mrs. Linda Morris Blackmon '75
Mr. James Currie Blair Jr. '72 and Mrs. Nancy Blair
Dr. Diane Louise Blankenship '82, M.S. '88 and
Mr. Calvin D. Blankenship '80
Mr. David William Blevins '74 and Mrs. Gaye Bourne Blevins '72
Mr. Shawn C. Blow '94
Mr. Danny John Blumberg '13
Mr. G. H. Board
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Bobenmoyer
Mr. Shawn Patrick Bocketti '99, M.S. '01 and
Mrs. Bethany Kiser Bocketti '01
Mr. John Richard Boden '01
Mr. Clarence Boggs and Mrs. Dusta L. Boggs '98
Mrs. Samantha B. Bohanan '03
Mr. Klaus Bohrmann and Mrs. Colleen Mary Bohrmann '85
Mr. Chad Bolling and Mrs. Faye Quillen Bolling '63
Mr. David Lee Bondurant and Mrs. Janis Dew Bondurant '85
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonnel
Mr. Mitch Bordeaux '87 and Mrs. Stephanie Bordeaux '88
Mr. Bruce E. Moore and Mrs. Jean Carolyn Bost-Moore '74
Dr. Glen Steve Bourne '77
Dr. Meredith Y. Bowen
Mr. J. Thomas Bowen and Mrs. Elizabeth Cummings Bowen '77
Mr. William Bowerman and Mrs. Jane Morrison Bowerman '69
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Bowman
Mr. Joshua D. Boyd '07
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Boyer
Mr. and Mrs. Ridgely E. Boyer Jr.
Mr. Mark Steven Braddock '87 and Mrs. Leslie Jo Braddock '86
Mr. John Bradley and Mrs. Anne Timp Bradley '78
Mr. Martin Bratcher and Mrs. Patricia Morris Bratcher '69
Mr. Jim Brault and Ms. Cindy Brault
Mr. Richard Braun and Mrs. Jane Boucher Braun '68
Mr. Gerald Brennan Jr. '82 and Mrs. Brenda Brennan '83
Mr. Bernard J. Brennan and Mrs. Joan Beale Brennan '60
Dr. and Mrs. Danny A. Bring
Ms. Deborah Brinkman
Mr. Gilbert Brittle '65 and Mrs. Dale Brittle '64, M.S. '65
Mr. Andrew Brooks and Mrs. Adele Carson Brooks '75
Mr. Raymond Brooks and Mrs. Jacquie Johnson Brooks '63
Mrs. Karen Bishop Brown '89
Ms. Mary Jane Brown '66
Ms. Cindy Brumbaugh
Mr. John Thomas Brummitt '79
Mr. and Mrs. David Bryan
Ms. Debbie Lynn Bryant '83
Mr. and Mrs. Milford H. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Bryant
Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Bryant Jr.
Ms. S. Michele Bryson '92
Mr. Robert Hardy Buchanan '83
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Buchanan
Ms. Janice Morton Buck '70
Mr. Mark S. Buckland '77 and Mrs. Rebecca Dee Buckland '76, M.S. '80
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Bukoski
Mr. K. Roger Bullock and Mrs. Deborah Pulman Bullock '71
Ms. Roberta Lynn Bumgardner '79
Mr. Billy Buracker
Ms. Ann Beamer Burch '60*
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Burdette*
Ms. Sarah Lemon Burhoe '77
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burklund
Ms. Louise Elizabeth Burks '71
Dr. Theresa L. Burriss M.S. '99
Mr. Tommy Burruss and Mrs. Joanne Carr Burruss '69
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Burton
Ms. Vicki L. Burton
Mr. T. Norman Bush and Mrs. Carolyn Brown Bush '71
Ms. Sandra Elaine Butler '75
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Butner
Mr. J. Travis Byrd '10


Ms. Janet S. Cahoon
Ms. Lisa Powers Caldwell '81
Mr. William Caldwell and Mrs. Marie Emore Caldwell '63
Dr. Richard Earl Calhoun '76, M.A. '79
Dr. Christi L. Callahan '97, M.S. '07, D.N.P. '16
Dr. Thomas Carl Camp Jr. '78
Mr. and Mrs. John James Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Cardinal
Mr. Edward Carico and Mrs. Pamela Bedwell Carico '85
Ms. Christina Linn Baldwin '96
Ms. Diane K. Carroll
Ms. Sherri E. Carr-Paulauskis
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carruth
Mr. Clay Carson and Mrs. Jean Flippo Carson '55
Dr. Arthur E. Carter
Mr. John Carter and Mrs. Cathy Stebbins Carter '86, M.A. '93
Ms. Pierrette Cartier-Huber
Ms. Sandra Cashion
Mr. James M. Cassady and Mrs. Betty Grogan Cassady '59, M.S. '75
Mr. James Aaron Cassidy Jr. '15
Mr. S. Clark Casteel '93 and Mrs. Amy Frances Casteel '94
Ms. Cynthia Ann Chace '86
Mr. Byron W. Chafin '90 and Mrs. Nancy Chafin
Mr. Michael J. Chamberlain
Mr. Terry Lynn Chambless '81 and Mrs. Suzette B. Chambless
Mr. Shawn Chandler and Ms. Jennifer Dillard
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith Chaney
Mrs. Sho-Chun Chang '67
Mr. Charles W. Chapman and Mrs. Edith West Chapman '45
Mr. Sidney Chappell and Mrs. Nancy Snead Chappell '71
Mr. Robert L. Foster Jr. and Mrs. Bronte Ercelle Charles-Foster '54
Mr. James E. Chase and Mrs. Dorothy Phipps Chase '56
Mr. Michael D. Chatham
Ms. Karen Nesbit Chaudhry '02
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dale Cheek Jr.
Mr. Jordan S. Childress
Mr. Frank Childress and Mrs. Carol Bush Childress '68
Mr. Brian Christensen '99 and Mrs. Valerie Christensen '98
Mr. Boyd Brooks Chumbley '79 and Mrs. Susan Chumbley
Mrs. Charlotte Thomas Churchill '64
Mr. Christopher Wesley Clark '94
Mr. Samuel Clark and Mrs. Renee Davis Clark '77
Mrs. Frances F. Clark '50
Mrs. Carole Trivitt Clarke '57
Mr. and Mrs. Jon M. Clarke
Mr. Christopher W. Clavin and Ms. Anna R. Clavin
Mr. Norman Clevinger and Mrs. Linda Boens Clevinger '69
Mr. William P. Cline and Mrs. Linda Joyce Cline '63, M.S. '74
Mr. Thomas A. Cloherty
Mr. Danny R. Coalson
Mr. Dale Coats and Mrs. Helen Roberts Coats '75
Mr. Tim Colley
Ms. Camille B. Collier
Mr. Maxell Collignon '12
Ms. Kathleen W. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Collins
Mr. James Wiley Collins and Mrs. Doris Mills Collins '61
Mr. Jeffrey Hamilton Collins '98
Mr. Charles Collins and Mrs. Brenda Amburn Collins '76
Mr. and Mrs. David Glen Collins
Dr. Judith Collins Collins-Cox '76, M.S. '91, D.N.P. '16 and
Mr. Timothy Alan Cox '01, M.S. '12
Dr. Allison Yvonne Colvin '73
Ms. Paula Eileen Combs '89
Dr. Linda M. Conklin '74 and Mr. Jack S. Conklin
Mr. Dan Connell and Mrs. Mary Smola Connell '69
Mrs. Jennifer L. Capece '94
Mr. Albert Vincent Conte Jr. '80
The Honorable Vincent Conway Jr. and
Ms. Gynetha Coxwell Conway '66
Mr. Hobert Cook and Mrs. Nyoka Talbert Cook '64
Mr. Walter Daniel Cook III and Mrs. Elaine Crawford Cook '97
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Coomes
Ms. Lisa A. Cooper
Dr. Sharla Fitzgerald Cooper '87
Mr. Gary J. Cope '16
Mr. Andre P. Corado '93 and Mrs. Barbara Helen Corado '90
Ms. Alice T. Coughlin '79, M.S. '84
Mr. Jean Paul Coulson III '92 and Mrs. Suzanne Noel Coulson '91
Mr. Stuart Covey
Mr. Robert Cowden '97
Dr. Kenneth M. Cox
Ms. Sharon Ball Coyner '76
Mr. Jerry C. Crabb and Mrs. Phyllis Kirks Crabb '69, M.S. '76
Mrs. Peggy Mathena Crabtree '65
Mr. Otho Craft* and Mrs. Margaret Hollyfield Craft '63
Mr. Hogue Craig and Mrs. Joyce Claypool Craig '52
Ms. Joan Fillman Cravens '69
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Anthony Stump
Ms. Natasha H. Creasy '10
Mr. and Mrs. David Hans Crist
Mr. Michael Cronk and Mrs. Sherry Booker Cronk '67
Ms. Linda L. Cross
Mrs. Nicole T. Crowder '08
Mr. Patrick O'Hara and Mrs. Traci Stillwagon Crowl '90
Mr. Jon R. Crunkleton and Mrs. Barbara Walters Crunkleton '66
Mr. Thomas P. Cullinane and Mrs. Katherine Elizabeth Cullinane '71
Mr. Britton Barclay Culpepper Jr. and Mrs. Jo Long Culpepper '67
Mr. George Currie


Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Dadras
Mrs. Linda Kiblinger Daily '76
Ms. Ruth Ann D'Alessandro '73
Mr. Douglas R. Dalton and Mrs. Dawn Padgett Dalton '82
Ms. Joan Burrill Dambrot '66
Mr. Shelbert Garland Daniels '99 and Mrs. Susan Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Danielson
Mr. John C. Dann and Mrs. Orelia Sparrow Dann '66
Ms. Rebecca Darling
Mr. R. Breckenridge Daughtrey and Mrs. Robin Anthony Daughtrey '74
Dr. and Mrs. Russell L. Davis Jr.
Mr. Joseph Allen Davis '70 and Mrs. Anne Davis
Mr. David Stevenson Davis '83 and
Mrs. Andrea Norma Davis '82, M.S. '87
Mr. Larry D. Davis and Mrs. Deborah Smith Davis '76
Mr. Christopher Scot Davy '91 and Mrs. Cheryl Davy
Mr. George Dawson and Mrs. Rosemary Cockerill Dawson '68
Mr. Ronald W. Downs '77, M.S. '84 and Mrs. Paula Downs '77, M.S. '84
Mr. John Dayton and Mrs. Maureen A. Dayton '82
Mr. Zack De Graff and Ms. Melissa Shank De Graff '02
Mr. Jason Douglas DeBode '09 and Mrs. Tasha DeBode
Dr. Matthew P. DeCarlo
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Dee
Mr. Aristides L. DeGuzman '86
Ms. Margaret Rose DeLay '72
Mr. Dan Delp and Mrs. Sheila Burnett Delp '95, M.S. '99
Mr. William Gregory Deskins '93 and Mrs. Cynthia B. Deskins
Mr. Thomas F. Detchemendy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Thomas DiBuono
Mr. Luther Dickens and Mrs. Helen Dickens '83
Dr. David Allen Dickerson '74
Mr. Robert B. Dickerson and Mrs. Patti Little Dickerson '86
Mr. Norm Dicks and Ms. Suzie Dicks
Ms. Lucy Helena Diercks '72, M.S. '74
Mr. Joseph F. Dilustro and Ms. Sharon S. Dilustro
Mr. and Mrs. Hobert Paul Dingus
Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Dobbins
Mrs. Rosemary Cropp Dodd '62
Dr. Can Dogan
Mr. Matt T. Donlon '82
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Donovan
Mr. Jeff Doran
Mr. Les Dotson and Mrs. Elizabeth Quillen Dotson '82, M.S. '92
Mr. Bradford Douglas and Mrs. Joan McClaugherty Douglas '58
Mr. Roger Mells and Ms. Sherrie Douglas
Ms. Laura Downs
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Doyle III
Mr. Jon Doyle and Mrs. Anne Resweber Doyle '90
Mr. John Doyle and Mrs. Lacie Yates Doyle '05
Mr. Bobby Truman Draper and Mrs. Alda Meyers Draper '66
Mr. Brandon Draughon and Mrs. Kathleen Monahan Draughon '03
Mr. John Driggers and Mrs. Betty Lou Driggers '87
Mr. Matthew C. Dubuc '95
Mr. E. J. Duffy and Mrs. Laura Meinhold Duffy '65
Mr. William F. Duke Jr. and Mrs. Nancy Garrett Duke '67
Mr. H. Windley Dunbar and Mrs. Jane Klein Dunbar '67
The Honorable Randal John Duncan '82 and Mrs. Julie Foley Duncan '82
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dupont
Ms. Dorothy Ruth DuRant '61
Ms. Helen Cregger Dye '80*
Mr. Albert James Dye and Mrs. Ann Reese Dye '65


Mr. Timothy Dempsey Eason and Mrs. Cynthia Dressler Eason '77
Mr. Daniel John Eastep '97
Ms. Norine Eastland
Mr. Joseph McKinley Edwards and Mrs. Angela Church Edwards '89
Mr. Butch Edwards and Ms. Patsy S. Edwards
Dr. Sharon Beale Eifried '83
Ms. Dorothy Clay Eller '62
Mr. Walt Engelund and Mrs. Laura Wagenbrenner Engelund '86
Mr. Kevin English and Ms. Mary Mclaughlin-English
Mr. Richard George Ephgrave Jr. '98
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney K. Epps
Dr. Bill Epstein and Mrs. Vickie Epstein '09
Mr. George Erzen and Ms. Brenda Erzen
Mrs. Wilsonia White Esteve '69
Mr. and Mrs. O. Rex Evans
Ms. Tiffany Evans
Mr. Charles William Evans '77 and Mrs. Jackie Evans


Mr. Evan Fabricant '97 and Mrs. Tracy Fabricant '97
Ms. Gillian G. Facher
Mr. Keith D. Falconer and Ms. Lori Falconer
Ms. Barbara E. Falconer
Mr. David L. Farmer and Mrs. Ann McEnerney Farmer '69
Mr. Sean Lewis Farmer '02 and Ms. Nikole Tyson Farmer '02
Ms. Tina M. Farmer
Mr. Michael Farrell
Mr. Theodore Henry Feindt '89 and Mrs. Dale Feindt
Mr. Jonathan L. Feldman
Ms. Allison Lee Huke '01
Mr. Zheng L. Feng M.F.A '89 and Mrs. Mei Feng
Mr. Robert Kyle Ferguson
Mr. John Fields
Mr. Christopher E. Finley '03
Mr. Chester Lionel Fisher and Mrs. Ann Martin Fisher '73
Mr. Frank Fisher
Mr. Beverly T. Fitzpatrick Jr. and Mrs. Shirley Caldwell Fitzpatrick '69
Ms. Kimberly A. Fitzpatrick
Mr. Russell Flesher '79 and Mrs. Jacqueline Flesher '77
Ms. Joyce Bly Fletcher '65
Ms. Danielle Fogarty
Ms. Mary Bryant Ford '99
Mrs. Barbara Rawn Forrest '67, M.S. '78
Mr. David Michael Fox '96 +
Mr. Charles Randolph Fralin and Mrs. Elizabeth Coley Fralin
Mr. Kenneth Michael Franasiak '90 and
Mrs. Donna M. Hoffman Franasiak
Dr. Matthew J. Franck and Dr. Gwendolyn O. Brown
Mr. Christopher William Francoise and Ms. Janet Porter Peyton
Mr. Joseph E. Franklin and Mrs. Marymarie Baker Franklin '75
Mr. Donald Frazer and Mrs. Elizabeth Kieferle Frazer '70
Mr. John McCarty Freeman '76 and Ms. Jackie McDonald Freeman '65
Dr. Paul W. Frets and Mrs. Jerry Beverly Frets '69
Mr. Henry Fuller
Ms. Tori Fuller '17


Ms. Susan Stoneburner Gallaher '73
Mr. Martin J. Galley and Mrs. Michelle Galley
Mr. Brian R. Galway '79 and Mrs. Sherry G. Shelton '79
Ms. Cynthia E. Daugherty '70
Mr. Samuel Wilton Gardner '00 and Ms. Kim Reinhardt Gardner '02
Mrs. Jessica Lewis Gardner '94
Mr. Joseph Garrett
Ms. Michelle M. Gates '96
Ms. Emelie C. Gatti
Lt Col Keith Warren Gay '81 and Mrs. Suzanne S. Gay
Dr. and Mrs. Peter B. Geittmann
Mr. William M. Gerber '87
Mr. Robert Gibble and Mrs. Wanda Ricketts Gibble '71, M.S. '72
Mr. Michael A. Giles and Mrs. Patricia Jones Giles '73
Mr. Darryl Gillespie '84
Ms. Katherine Lynn Gilmer '13
Mr. Harry Glenn and Mrs. Patricia Koontz Glenn '60
Ms. Diane E. Glover '72
Dr. Betty Phillips Goerss '74
Mr. Robert Green and Mrs. Betty Harris Goins-Green '61
Mrs. Kim Sheer Goldstein '95
Mr. Benjamin Andrew Golueke '95 and Mrs. Kelly Leigh Golueke '96
Mrs. Suellen Clarke Good '65
Ms. Tracey J. Gordon '94
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Gore
Mrs. Barbara Cassada Gosney '68
Mr. Robert Eldridge Goss Jr. '72 and Dr. Rosemary Goss
Ms. Wendi M. Grafe
Ms. Lisa Graham '01
Mr. and Mrs. Denson Graham
Ms. Laura Susan Graham '73, M.S. '77
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Grason
The Honorable Patrick Graybeal and Mrs. Jill Lobach Graybeal '68
Mr. Michael Larry Greco '78, M.S. '91 and Mrs. Susan R. Greco '90
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Gregory
Ms. Donna Porterfield Griffith '65
Dr. Melissa L. Grim
Mr. Anthony Wayne Grindstaff '87 and Mrs. Lynn Renee Grindstaff '88
Mr. Jeffrey Warren Gross '87 and Mrs. Allison Ann Gross '87
Mr. Robert Groves and Mrs. Yukie Asaoka Groves '67
Mr. William Randolph Grubb II '89 and Mrs. Terri Lynn Grubb
Mr. Matthew J. Webb and Mrs. Nancy Gsell-Webb '75
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Guncheon
Ms. Cynthia Faye Gunn '81


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hall
Ms. Rachel Bowman Hall '17
Mr. William C. Hall and Mrs. Bobbie Starr Hall '53
Ms. Matti A. Hamed '15, M.S. '17
Mr. John Hamlin and Mrs. Rebecca Toler Hamlin '70
Mr. Kevin Hammersmith and Mrs. Suzanne Campbell Hammersmith '91
Mr. Michael A. Hamway
Ms. Dorothy Jean Hankinson '72
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Harkins
Mr. Bruce Frazier and Ms. Erin Leigh Frazier '01
Mr. David Harless
Mr. David Ray Harman '71 and Mrs. Jean P. Harman
Mr. James T. Harman '92
Mr. Billy Wayne Harper Jr. '82 and Mrs. Heide L. Harper
Dr. Robert R. Harrell III and Mrs. Pearl Blair Harrell '61
Mr. James Harris and Mrs. Kathy Hill Harris '75
Mr. Gillette Keith Harris '97 and Mrs. Donna Kay Harris
Mr. Grover Harris and Mrs. Frances Jones Harris '77
Mr. Martin Franklin Harris '83
Ms. Betty Ann Harrison '77*
Ms. Anne K. Harrison
Ms. Sally Ann Harvey '78
Mr. Nat B. Harvey
Mr. Gary L. Haskins and Mrs. Teresa Elliott Haskins '80
Mr. Richard F. Hasselman '94
Mr. Craig M. Hawkins and Mrs. Elaine Patricia Hawkins '73
Mr. Daniel J. Hawkins '93
Mr. Douglas L. Hawpe and Mrs. Jeanne Lomax Hawpe '72
Mr. Charles L. Hayes and Mrs. Betsy Robinson Hayes '78
Mrs. Samantha D. Hayes '11
Mrs. Jodi Hayes
Dr. Robert C. Hazelton and Mrs. June McNeil Hazelton '97
Ms. Margaret Heap
Ms. Julia Margaret Heaps
Mr. Christopher W. Hedges '16
Mr. Joseph Peter Heinzelmann '92
Mrs. Cynthia Dalton Helton '65
Dr. James Alfred Henley '76
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Allen Hensley
Mr. Stephen Herbert and Mrs. Kathryn Gaffney Herbert '76
Mr. Robert Herbert and Ms. Ann S. Herbert '65
Mr. Jeffrey Earl Herriman '82
Mr. Dennis Lee Hewitt and Mrs. Regina Giuseppe Hewitt '75
Mr. and Mrs. Donahue A. Hibbert
Miss Katherine Lynn Hickok '79, M.S. '80
Mr. Daniel Higgins and Mrs. Sandra White Higgins '76
Ms. Debra Ann Hill '03, M.F.A. '06
Ms. Becky Allen Hill '70
Mr. Chad W. Hinegardner '93
Mr. Jeffrey Hoerster and Mrs. Carrie Morris Hoerster '83
Ms. Mary Whittaker Hoffman '68
Ms. Lyn Snyder Hoflin '72, M.A. '74
Mr. Patrick Forrest Hogan '84
Ms. Laura B. Hogue
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hoke
Ms. Rana Dawn Holcomb
Mr. Robert Holcomb-Faye '06
Ms. Marigay Holloway '70
Mr. Frank William Holmes '82 and Mrs. Beverly Holmes
Mr. John Homer
Mrs. Patricia Arthur Honts '68
Ms. Judy M. Houston '81
Mr. Donnell Sylvester Howard '88
Mrs. Katey Morlino Howerton '99
Mr. Thomas J. Hubbard '16
Ms. Theresa Hubbard '78
Mrs. Cynthia S. Hudson
Mr. Gary R. Huffman and Mrs. Rebecca Bright Huffman '91
Mr. Thomas Hughes Jr. and Mrs. Jeanne McDaniel Hughes '60
Dr. Richard H. Hughes and Mrs. Ina S. Hughes '58
Ms. Joyce Hunley '67
Rev. and Mrs. Karl Whitney Hunter
Ms. Marceline Hunter '55
Mrs. Diane C. Hurst
Mr. Charles Hutto '81 and Mrs. Sylvia Hutto '72


Mr. Eric Scott Iliffe '90 and Mrs. Amy E. Emery
Mr. Wendel Ingram and Mrs. Sharon Markham Ingram '87
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Lee Irby
Alden and Judy Irons
Mr. Jason P. Itson Sr. '16


Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Jackson
Mr. Brandon L Jackson '10
Dr. John B. Jacob
Ms. Clarity James
Mr. Todd W. Jared '87
Dr. Walter S. Jaronski
Mr. Dennis Jarvis '83 and Mrs. Donna Jarvis '81
Mr. Paul J. Jaskot
Mr. and Mrs. Roger E. Jennelle
Mr. Jason Stuart Jennings '02 and Mrs. Amy Jennings
Dr. Christy Johnston Jensen '94 and Mr. Emil Vang Jensen
Mr. John Curtiss Jessup '74 and Mrs. Alice Jessup
Mr. Ronald H. Jirsa
Mr. Michael Dwayne Johnson and Mrs. Robyn Michelle Johnson '87 +
Ms. Kay G. Johnson
Mr. Cal Johnson '76 and Mrs. Patricia Johnson '75, M.S. '96
Colonel Chester F. Johnson
Mr. John P. Johnson and Mrs. Betty Morris Johnson '76
Ms. Ann Sullivan Johnson '74
Mr. Thomas Lee Johnson '81 and Mrs. Julie Johnson
Mr. Ross L. Jolly
Mr. David Edward Jones '88 and Mrs. Jennifer Keith Jones
Mr. Kevin Lee Jones '96
Mr. William Franklin Jones '05
Ms. Katherine Cornelius Jones '95
Mr. Edmund Jones and Mrs. Bernadette Nawrot Jones '72
Ms. Laurie A. Jongbloedt +
Mr. and Mrs. James Joyce
Mr. James Kevin Joyce '89 and Mrs. Diana S. Joyce '93, M.S.W. '98
Ms. Angela M. Joyner
Mr. Kenneth Joyner and Mrs. Janelle Dunn Joyner '03
Mr. Ronnie S. Julio '11


Mr. Alexander Hoyt Kampe '12
Ms. Nitza Kats
Mr. Melvin Katz and Mrs. Elsie Mills Katz '66 +
Dr. Katie Snider Redden Katz '09, D.N.P. '13
Mr. John Robert Kempf Jr. '81 and Mrs. Terri Gwen Kempf
Mr. William Allen Kenley '87 and Mrs. Carol Kenley
Mr. John W. Kennedy and Mrs. Linda Peden Kennedy '83
Mr. John M. Kenny
Mr. John Kerscher and Mrs. Catherine Powell Kerscher '66
Mr. Jeffrey William Kidd '79, M.S. '09 and Mrs. Vera Vaught Kidd
Ms. Laura C. Kimball
Mr. Thomas Edward Kinker '97 and Mrs. Cara Elizabeth Kinker
Mr. Raymond R. Kirby and Mrs. Adelene C. Kirby '93
Mr. Charles Klein and Mrs. Katrina Gay Klein '76, M.S. '80
Dr. Ann Marie Klotz
Mrs. Kathleen Luke Kniphfer '75
Mr. William H. Kohlmann
Ms. Dale E. Kollath
Mr. Scott L. Kolodny '89 and Mrs. Chrys B. Kolodny '92
Mr. Kurt Francis Kosco '84 and Mrs. Treva Kosco
Mr. Al Kraft and Mrs. Cynthia Forbes Kraft '80
Ms. Carol L. Krupp
Mr. Jason D. Kruse and Mrs. Kristine Pocsik Kruse '86
Mr. Kenneth Kumor and Mrs. Marlene Palmer Kumor '71
Mr. Bryan Kuskie '94 and Mrs. Nicole Kuskie '94
Mr. Frederick Kyle and Mrs. Sandy Niles Kyle '65


Ms. Colleen Hanby Lackey '82
Mr. Charles Lacy and Mrs. Jane Eller Lacy '96
Miss Shannon Rose Laferty '15
Mr. and Mrs. James Lamb
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edwin Lancraft
Mr. Patrick Lamar Landreth and Mrs. Joyce Reish Landreth '86
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Landwermeyer
Dr. Kimberly T. Lane
Ms. Lisa L. Lang '84
Mr. Donald Lange and Mrs. Karen Winston Lange '89
Ms. Kathye Langston
Mr. Keven S. Lareau '86 and Mrs. Judith A. Lareau '85
Lee Anne Larrick '89 and Stacy Snow
Ms. Denise Lassaw
Mr. Pierre Latour and Ms. Susan Latour
Mr. and Mrs. Robert U. Lawall
Dr. Martha Anne Lawing '73, M.S. '77
Mr. Steven Ryan Leap '96
Mr. Joseph Charles Lee '87 and Mrs. Vicky Phillips Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Bertrum N. Legum
Mr. Hans Christopher Lehmann and Mrs. Ruth Frazier Lehmann '86
Mr. Stephen A. Lester III '15
Ms. Reagan Levidiotis '09
Mr. Simuel O. Lewis Jr. '02
Mr. Jay Gregory Lewis and Mrs. Barbara Smith Lewis '73
Mr. Richard Bowen Lewis and Mrs. Mary E. Lewis '83
Mr. Hoover Lide and Mrs. Betty Hamilton Lide '49
Mr. Steven Mark Light '90 and Mrs. Christine Phillips Light +
Mr. Clarence Light and Mrs. Sadie Lovelace Light '54
Mr. Raymond Chien-Li Lin '00
Dr. Vicki D. Linkous
Mr. John Stephen Liskey Jr. '88
Mr. Jim Little and Mrs. Bonnie Sandridge Little '71
Mr. Hans Jacob Littman '89 and Mrs. Leanne Marie Littman '88
Dr. Robert J. Lockwood and Mrs. Susan W. Lockwood '97
Dr. James G. Lollar
Ms. Sally Elliott Longacre '63
Mr. Tom Loper '85
Mr. Easton Loving and Mrs. Pamela Dawn Clements Loving '88, M.S. '93
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Lowe
Mr. M. John Lubetkin and Mrs. Linda Liddle Lubetkin '65
Mr. Lewis Berkley Lucas '71 and Mrs. Patricia P. Lucas
Mr. Dean William Ludwig '89
Ms. Gail Jennifer Lussier
Mr. Eric Lusty and Mrs. Carol Freedman Lusty '79
Mr. Jeffrey Lutsky
Ms. Susan Lynch
Ms. Kailey E. Lynch and Ms. Sherry Thurman Lynch '70


Mr. Brian Jeffery Mabe and Mrs. Chris Olson Mabe '81
Mr. Mark Mabry
Mr. Trevor Adam MacBrien '08 and Mrs. Breanna M. MacBrien
Mrs. Carla Dooley MacCue '69
Mrs. Mary K. Machac
Mr. Joseph A. Magruder and Mrs. Iris Webb Magruder '57
Mr. Thomas L. Marchi and Mrs. Susan Strickler Marchi '70
Mr. Harold Marinus and Mrs. Donna E. Marinus '81
Mr. Paul T. Marrow Jr. and Mrs. Rosemarie Scheffel Marrow '54
Mr. Eric Marsh and Mrs. Hope Fleming Marsh '81
Mr. Larry Marshall and Mrs. Jo Crabill Marshall '66
Mr. Thomas Martin and Mrs. Jane Harris Martin '73
Ms. Haley J. Marvine
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Mason
Mr. Joseph Matney and Mrs. Christinia Allen Matney '65*
Dr. Richard Stockton Maxwell
Mr. Greg Mays '88 and Mrs. Jackie Mays '88
Mrs. Colleen Marie McAllister '87
Mr. Peter Michael McCann '07, M.S. '08
Mr. William J. McConnell
Ms. Susan Mary McCrea '98
Ms. Constance M. McDonald
Mr. Richard McDonough and Mrs. Deborah McGavock McDonough '79
Mr. Michael McDonough '88 and Mrs. Krystina McDonough '88
Ms. Jonna Midkiff McGraw '80
Elizabeth A. McGuiness
Mr. Jim McGuire '89 and Mrs. Susan McGuire '89
Mr. Michael A. McGuire
Mr. Kevin T. McGuire
Mr. Tom McInteer and Mrs. Betty Davis McInteer '79
Dr. Trudy Brazier McKee '68 and James Robert McKee
Mr. Mark Andrew McKinnon '77 and Mrs. Nancy McKinnon
Ms. Patricia McLane
Mrs. Mary McLaren McLaren-Wood '91, M.S. '93
Mr. Robert McLelland and Mrs. Barbara Ann McLelland '52
Mr. Michael D. McManus and Mrs. Margaret DeHart McManus '87
Mr. David Evan McNeill '14
Mr. William P. McNulty '91
Mr. Christopher A. Meadows and Mrs. Koren E. Meadows '97
Mrs. Jane Robinson Meggers '72
Ms. Rebecca Ann Mehaffey '83
Mr. Gregory Scott Melton '99
Teri B. Messing
Mr. William Andrew Metzler '76
Mr. Brock A. Meyer
Mr. James Meyer and Mrs. Lisa Regester Meyer '85
Mr. Keith Thomas Michlik '01
The Honorable Joseph A. Migliozzi
Mr. Roger L. Milburn and Mrs. Linda Rosenberger Milburn '68
Mr. Sam S. Miliotis '92 and Mrs. Margaret Miliotis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Millard
Ms. Martha Nancy Miller '70
Mr. William Curtis Miller '83
Mr. Christopher Boone Miller '97 and Mrs. Amy Culver
Mrs. Margaret Miller '54
Ms. Madeleine Miller '70
Mr. Mark Thomas Mills '81 and Mrs. Janice Mills
Mr. Patrick Milmoe and Mrs. Kay Mann Milmoe '60
Ms. Julia C. Mitchell
Mr. David Mollenhauer and Mrs. Jennifer Fortwengler Mollenhauer '97
Ms. Molly Elizabeth Montgomery '02
Ms. Jane Brown Montgomery '61
Mr. Charles L. Moody and Mrs. Donna Lee Moody '72
Mrs. Geralyn Buttram Moore '81
Mrs. Sandra Bucher Moore '68
Mr. Philip W. Moran and Mrs. Beverly Johnson Moran '69
Mr. H. Vincent Morehead and Mrs. Shirley Ann Morehead '74
Mr. Gary Morgan and Mrs. Michelle Stead Morgan '91
Mrs. Robin Michelle Moroney
Mr. Richard L. Morris
Mr. Edward James Morris '87 and Mrs. Teresa Morris
Dr. Hassel Andre Morrison '97 and Mrs. Nekeidra Morrison
Ms. Abby Bennington Morrow
Mr. Justin Andrew Mosby '01, M.S. '03 and
Mrs. Kirsten T. Mosby '01, M.S. '06
Mr. Patrick Henry Mosher '98
Mr. Lowell Moyers and Mrs. Paula Neel Moyers '63
Mr. James Edmund Mudd '86
Dr. Iris L. Mullins
Dr. Herman Thomas Mullis and Mrs. Diane Farnsworth Mullis '79
Mr. Michael Mulvaney '82 and Mrs. Julie Mulvaney '82, M.S. '90
Mr. Frank Mundy
Mr. Adam Jared Mungo '99
Mr. Johnny E. Murray
Ms. Michele Myers '76


Mr. Eric Matthew Nachman '86 and Mrs. Andrea Hope Nachman
Mr. Ronnie Naff and Mrs. Regina Turley Naff '73
Ms. Diane R. Naff M.S. '09
Dr. Dennis Napier and Mrs. Ginny Byset Napier '74
Mr. C. Albert Nash
Mrs. Erin Nash-Fairfax
Ms. Carol Nasiatka
Ms. Linda Ann Natale '73
Badri N. Nath
Mr. John J. Neagle
Mr. Delvert Neal and Mrs. Margaret Harrison Neal '82
Mr. Mercer Neale and Mrs. Betsy Ellmore Neale '67
Ms. Anna Neast
Mr. Ted Neely and Dr. Patricia Whittaker Neely '87
Ms. Judith Darlene Nelson '68, M.S. '88
Mr. and Mrs. Douglass C. Nelson
Ms. Elizabeth Catherine Nemeth '07
Ms. Marva Nesbit '72
Mr. Kevin F. Neville and Mrs. Mary J. Neville
Mr. Bruce Neville and Mrs. Cynthia Neville '72
Dr. Janette K. Newhouse '69 and Mr. Fred Newhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry P. Nini
Mrs. Nancy Bane Nixon '58
Mr. Kenneth Craig Noble and Mrs. Nancy Eames Noble '63
Mr. Jerry Norris
Shelly Norris
Mr. Kerry Lawrence Nunn '80 and Mrs. Nancy Nunn


Mr. Samuel G. Oakey III and Mrs. Mitzi Baker Oakey '79
Mr. David Roger Oates '89 and Mrs. Kathryn Oates +
Dr. Sara O'Brien
Mr. Glenn J. O'Brien and Mrs. Denise Nay O'Brien '84
Ms. Roseline Achieng Ochong-Okendo '02
Mr. Frank Xavier O'Connor '96, M.S. '02 and
Mrs. Katherine C. O'Connor '96, M.S. '02
Mr. John Arthur O'Kain and Mrs. Kelley Trear O'Kain '99, M.S. '01
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin O'Keefe
Mr. John Alan Osborne and Mrs. Robin Harlow Osborne '81
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm O'Sullivan
Mr. Mike O'Toole and Ms. Jane O'Toole
Mr. Delmas Overby and Mrs. Susan Reid Overby '71, M.S. '75
Mr. Gregory Robert Overstreet '92 and Ms. Tory E. Overstreet '93
Dr. Stephen S. Owen


Mr. Eric Donley Padgett '86 and Mrs. Brenda Barnhart Padgett
Mr. Mathew J. Panyik '93 and Mrs. Michelle K. Panyik
Ms. Nancy E. Papanek
Mr. William Howard Parcells Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Howerton Parcells '65
Mr. Graham S. Parlow '92 and Mrs. Leslie C. Parlow '92
Ms. Kistie Velma Patch '60
Ms. Ethel Lee Patch '60, M.S. '65
Mr. and Mrs. Girish Patel
Ms. Krista Danielle Pattison '13
Dr. Marilyn Meador
Mr. James A. Pennix M.S. '01 and Mrs. Lisa Pennix
Ms. Linda Florence Pepper '67
Dr. Eugene A. Periman and Mrs. Barbara Dana Periman '74
Mr. Gene Perkins and Mrs. Barbara Milroy Perkins '83, M.S. '84
Ms. Julia Ware Perkins '65
Ms. Ginny L. Dolan '08
Mr. Louis Peterson and Mrs. Elaine Humphrey Petersen '49
John and Donna Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pfister
Mr. William E. Pharis '91, M.S. '96 and Mrs. Jane Pharis
Dr. Robert H. Phillips
Mr. Chad Phillips and Mrs. Shannon Simpkins Phillips '97, M.S. '03
Ms. Connie A. Phillips '02
Mr. Jackie Lee Phillips and Mrs. Leigh Newberry Phillips '77, M.S. '81
Mr. Kirk Phillips and Mrs. Cheryl Reaves Phillips '73
Mr. P. D Phillips and Mrs. Jo Jennings Phillips '68
Mrs. Evelyn Pitcheneder
Mr. Darrell Pittman +
Mr. Aleksey V. Plekhanov and Ms. Inessa Plekhanova
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jay Podolle
Mr. Jason Charles Pogue '00 and Mrs. Hillary Pogue
Mr. Ian Pollard and Mrs. Marsha Clark Pollard '95
Mr. Samuel Morris Pope '97 and Mrs. Carolyn Pope
Mr. David Pope and Mrs. Laura Sies Pope '84
Mr. Nolan L. Porter Jr. and Ms. Barbara A. Porter
Ms. Nancy H. Powell
Mrs. Esther Skrivseth Powell '65
Ms. Janet Coffey Powell
Mr. Gregory Francis Pozzi '91
Mrs. Barbara Showalter Price '66
Mr. Jim Price and Mrs. Christi Ellis Price '91
Mr. Bruce Prichard and Mrs. Nancy Beville Prichard '77
Mr. Robert S. Pringle
Mr. Darrell Robinson Printz and Mrs. Kirsten Dolby Printz '88
Ms. Dana Pritchett
Mr. Irving H. Pritchett III and Mrs. Doris Leonard Pritchett '72
Miss Janice Mary Pry '84
Mr. Mikel Pugh and Mrs. Debra Marie Pugh '05
Mr. Darek Neil Pullin '92 and Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Pullin
Mr. George Purvis and Mrs. Karen D. Purvis '92
Mr. Bobby Strange Putnam Jr. '91 and Mrs. Carole Putnam


Mr. Charles B. Quandt
Ms. Linda Woodward Quesenberry '72, M.S. '74
Mr. Rodney Quesenberry and Mrs. Laura N. Quesenberry '90


Mr. Mark C. Ragsdale
Ms. Maureen Berry Raimo '76
Ms. Donna Ison Raines '60
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Rakes
Ms. Maria Suzanne Ramos '72
Mr. Michael Sean Ramsey '97, M.S. '06 and
Mrs. Lara Elizabeth Ramsey '90, M.S. '91
Mr. Matthew Ratcliff
Mr. Brian Ratliff
Mr. William J. Ratliff and Mrs. Doris Richardson Ratliff '68
Mr. Michael Ray and Mrs. M. Tamberlaine Ray '90
Mr. Jeff Rea and Mrs. Marvella Rankin Rea '86
Mr. David Allen Reaves and Mrs. Deborah Menold Reaves '86
Ms. Sydney F. Reding
Mr. David A. Cooper and Mrs. Libbie Hunt Cooper '71
Mr. Michael Thomas Regalbuto '08
Mr. John Regentin '92, M.S. '96 and Mrs. Kathleen Regentin '95
Mr. Richard Ray Reid Jr. '79 and Ms. Sheila A. Reid
Mr. Donald B. Reynolds
Mr. Wilton Max Rhea '64 and Mrs. Barbara Carter Rhea
Mr. Stephen Rhodes '89 and Mrs. Kimberly Rhodes '92
Dr. Emily Hayden Richardson '67
Mr. Scott Rickard
Mr. Edward M. Ridout and Mrs. Elizabeth Jones Ridout '73
Mr. Kenneth Riedel* and Mrs. Doris Sult Riedel '57
Mr. Frederick Howard Ritzel '89 and Mrs. Terry Ritzel
Mr. Corey Allan Roadcap '14
Mr. D. Lee Robbins and Mrs. Rosalee Bise Robbins C.P.A. '71
Mr. Christopher Peter Robenhymer '82 and Mrs. Debra Robenhymer
Ms. Olivia Renee Roberson '86
Mr. Bernard Robins and Mrs. Deborah Tucker Robins '74
Dr. Tammy R. Robinson
Sean Robinson
Ms. Nancy Lou Robison '68, M.S. '74
Mr. John W. Rochon and Mrs. Debra Carlberg Rochon '74
Mr. John A. Rollison and Mrs. Patricia Ward Rollison '71
Mrs. Ethel Williams Ropp '69
Ms. Patricia Winn Rose '66
Mr. Christopher Lee Rosen '97 and Mrs. Stacy Rosen
Mr. David Rosenbaum '90 and Mrs. Elaine Rosenbaum '91
Mr. William P. Ross III
Ms. Sally Welsh Roth '58
Mr. Thomas Rouse and Mrs. Bernadette Mach Rouse '66
Mrs. Nora Strawn Rudd '59
Mrs. Doris Hankins Ruggera '63
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rushing
Mr. Thomas F. Russell and Mrs. Mary F. Russell +
Mr. Edward Leon Russell '79
Mr. Bill Russell and Mrs. Frances Kirby Russell '76


Ms. Carma E. Sample '15
Mr. Joe Sande
Ms. Kathryn Marie Sandy '10, M.S. '12
Mr. Gordon Saul and Mrs. Marie F. Saul '90
Mr. John N. Scaramucich and Mrs. Vanessa Preston Scaramucich '90
Mr. William Raymond Schaffer Jr. '87 and Mrs. Diane Schaffer
Mr. Christopher Schall and Mrs. Sally Anne Schall '90
Mr. Stephen W. Schaul Sr. and Mrs. Annette Chinn Schaul '81
Dr. Rebecca K. Scheckler
Mr. William Schillig '71 and Mrs. Patricia Schillig '67
Mr. Stephen Paul Schmitter and
Mrs. Jacqueline Denise Schmitter '86, M.S. '89
Mr. Michael Schneider
Dr. Sandra B. Schneider
Ms. Eileen Schneider
Mrs. Karyn Lyn Schulz, Ph.D. and Mr. Steven David Schulz
Dr. William D. Scott and Ms. Peggy W. Scott '93
Mr. Ralph C. Scott and Mrs. Elsie Maine Scott '55
Mrs. Judy M. Scotto
Mr. Duff Scudder and Mrs. Brenda Evans Scudder '81
Mr. Bill Scullion and Mrs. Carolyn Williams Scullion '77
Dr. Melissa Gefell '16
Mr. Derek Alann Seay and Ms. Lisa G. Seay '07
Mr. Michael Sechrist and Mrs. Leslie Ann Sechrist '08
Mr. David Holmes Semendinger II
Ms. Deana Lynn Sentman '09
Mr. Howard N. Shearer and Ms. Kay C. Shearer
Ms. Letty Ann Shearer '73, M.S. '76
Mr. James Shell and Mrs. Kimberly Croxton Shell '90
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Shepherd
Mr. Joshua Blaine Shepherd '01
Ms. Debbie Sherman-Lee '73
Mr. James Sherwood and Mrs. Whitney VanVliet Sherwood '85
Ms. Peggy Shields
Mr. David H. Shields
Ms. Carol H. Shields
Mr. Surna Kia Shirbacheh and Mrs. Brandi Lee Shirbacheh '04
Mr. Charles E. Shockley* and Mrs. Sandra Lee Shockley '58
Mr. Lance Shores and Mrs. Wendy S. Shores '94
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shorter Jr.
Mr. William H. Shorter III '15
Mr. Kenny Shorter and Mrs. Carol Winters Shorter '66
Mr. Ronnie L. Shough and Mrs. Carolyn Snyder Shough '70, M.S. '71
Ms. Mallory F. Shurtz '09
Ms. Carrie Lynn Silliman
Mr. Mark A. Simpson
Mr. Parker S. Sims and Ms. Jane R. Sims
Ms. Gail Ann Sines '68
Mr. John K. Skelton and Mrs. Bonnie Moran Skelton '81, M.S. '86
Mr. Doug Sluder and Mrs. Anne Fontaine Sluder '95
Mr. James Slusher and Mrs. Lee J. Slusher '84
Mr. Woody Smart '78 and Mrs. Deborah Smart '78
Dr. Ryan C. Smith
Mrs. Peggy E. Smith '98
Dr. Martin Francis Smith '75
Ms. Judith C. Smith
Dr. Matthew J. Smith
Mr. Michael Philip Smith '91 and Mrs. Lynne M. Smith +
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith
Mr. Horace W. Smith and Mrs. Carolyn Boone Smith '58, M.S. '71
Mr. Thomas Smith '92 and Mrs. Alice Smith
Ms. Patricia Lynn Smith-Solan
Mr. Brett R. Snell '08 and Ms. Jaleh Michelle Jaboori '10
Mr. Ben D. Sohrabi and Mrs. Elizabeth E. Sohrabi '94
Mr. Ray T. Sorrell and Mrs. Connie Sprouse Sorrell '72
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Southall
Ms. Virginia Leah Sowers '85
Mr. Charles Alvin Spraker '98, MBA '14
Mr. David W. Spraker* and Mrs. Rexene Davis Spraker '50
Mr. Paul William Sprunk '80 and Mrs. Terry C. Sprunk
Mr. James Hartwell Stafford '91
Mr. William Stafford and Mrs. Mary Martin Stafford '65
Mr. William B. Stagg and Mrs. Sharon Jennings Stagg '80
Mr. John C. Stamato
Ms. Amy Denay Stanford '06
Ms. Elizabeth Pike Starkey '57
Ms. Ann Stelmat
Mr. Robert A. Steorts and Mrs. Gladys Madison Steorts '63
Dr. Stephen Kurt Stephenson '86
Mr. Christopher Sterling and Mrs. Caron Corbit Sterling '92
Mr. Robert Stern and Mrs. Marianne Holland Stern '69
Ms. Carolyn L. Stodolsky
Ms. Christy Aslen '90, MBA '95
Mr. Gregory Leonard Stokley '82 and Mrs. Jean Stokley
Mr. Peter Storey and Mrs. Carol Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Story
Dr. Donald Stowers '76 and Mrs. Deena Stowers
Mr. Francis Scott Strang '81 and Mrs. Cindy Strang
Mr. Samuel B. Straus and Mrs. Jane Weeks Straus '71
Ms. Monica X. Strawbridge
Mr. Roderick Alexander Street '85
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Stuart
Mr. John R. Studer
Mr. Matthew Minor Stump and Mrs. Jordan Simpkins Stump '12
Ms. Elizabeth Parfitt Sullins '86
Ms. Kathleen Marie Sullivan
Mr. James E. Sullivan
Mrs. Doris Clement Surratt '70
Ms. Susan Sutton
Mr. Tyler J. Swarmer '16
Mr. Richard M. Swink Sr. and Mrs. Nancy Nissen Swink '75
Mr. Faisal Syed-Haq '98
Mr. James S. Szamski


Mrs. Monica Tague
Mrs. Sue Tannahill Landis '84
Mr. and Mrs. John Tapia
Mr. John Tartala
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley T. Tatum
Mr. Robert Taylor and Mrs. Betty June Taylor '65
Mr. William Richard Taylor Jr. '78 and Mrs. Lisa Taylor
Ms. Margaret Anne Taylor '76
Mr. Steven Taylor
Mr. Mark Teachey
Ms. Julie A. Temple
Ms. Melinda Ann Clelland '09
Mrs. Debra Bartlett Thomas '73
Ms. Lou A. R. Thompson
Mr. Danny L. Thompson and Mrs. Martha Hale Thompson '81
Mrs. Anna Katherine Thompson '63
Mr. Donald W. Tickle '86, M.S. '89 and Mrs. Kathi Tickle
Mr. Nathan E. Hurysz '97 and Mrs. Sarah Hurysz '00, M.A. '02
Mr. Michael R. Tolley '03 and Ms. Rachel L. Tolley '03
Dr. Hsin-Min Tong
Ms. Janet M. Toohey
Ms. Laura K. Topolski '94
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Tottle
Mr. Kevin Flynn Trainum '90
Mr. David Michael Traub '89 and Mrs. Sandra M. Traub
Mr. Colby G. Trent '08
Mr. Thomas Nicholas Troisi and Mrs. Jacqueline Bahre Troisi '78
Mrs. Mary Jane Martin Trope '55*
Ms. Amy Trowbridge
Mr. Alan Scott Truax '86
Ms. Dana J. Truxell '94
Mr. William R. Tucker and Mrs. Joanne Osborne Tucker '62
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tully
The Honorable James C. Turk* and Mrs. Barbara D. Turk
Ms. Dotty C. Turman
Mr. L. Bradley Turner '99 and Mrs. Leigh Garfield Turner +
Dr. Matthew Reuben Turner
Mr. Edward Turner and Mrs. Betty Sturdivant Turner '83
Ms. Bonnie Pennock Turner '65
Mr. Dennis J. Turpin and Mrs. Sheila Branch Turpin '80, M.S. '81
Dr. Brenda J. Tyler
Ms. Kathleen M. Tyminski


Mr. Ned A. Umberger and Mrs. Martha Penley Umberger '62
Mr. Thomas Underhill and
Mrs. Angela Sheppard Underhill '86, M.S. '87
Ms. Linda W. Kipps
Mr. Stephen Upton
Mr. Alex Urquhart and Ms. Judith Christie Urquhart '80 +
Ms. Katheryn Jordan Uvegas '92


Mr. Steve Vail and Mrs. Ellen Feussner Vail '73
Mrs. Teresa Valentin
Mr. Peter G. Vandenberg and Mrs. Sarah Neily Vandenberg '66
Mr. Ryan James VandenHeuvel '05
Ms. Nancy VanFossen
Ms. Amy Lane VanKirk
Mr. Marshall D. Vaughan and Mrs. Catherine Stewart Vaughan '77
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Vaughn
Dr. Charles L. Vehorn
Mr. Michael Vengrin and Mrs. Dorothy Jean Vengrin '75, M.S. '80
Ms. Janice M. Ventura
Mr. Dean G. Vincent and Mrs. Kim Joyner Vincent '80
Ms. Melanie J. Vollman


Dr. Alice Moore Waddell '73 and Mr. Finley M. Waddell
Mr. Kurt Mockenhaupt and Mrs. Erin McCarthy Mockenhaupt '94
Mr. Matthew Wagoner
Dr. Grayson W. Walker and Mrs. Christine Poole Walker '67
Mr. Gordon S. Wallace and Mrs. Mary McCorry Wallace '86
Mrs. Carolyn Hudson Wallace '64
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Walls
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Walsh
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Walters
Mr. H. Madison Walton and Mrs. Ellen Hall Walton '68
Mr. Lloyd G. Walton and Mrs. Shirley Williams Walton '60
Mr. Carl J. Ward and Mrs. Beth Sutherland Ward '82
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Watson
Mr. Jimmy D. Webster
Mr. William H. Weddle and Mrs. Regena Y. Weddle '91, MBA '10
Mr. Brenden A. Wehrle
Mrs. Kristin Beth Weithas-Furth
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Welch
Mr. Edward Domnic Weltens III '93 and Mrs. Julie Weltens
Mrs. Elizabeth Beane Wencl '72
Mr. Gilbert Reddings and Mrs. Terri Wheaton-Reddings '97
Mr. Harold S. Whisman Jr. and Mrs. Cathryn McCarthy Whisman '72
Mrs. Merle Helm White '53
Mr. Frederick White and Mrs. Patricia South White '67
Mr. Lowell White and Mrs. Debra Kinser White '78
Mr. Vincent Kyle White '00
Mrs. Helen Stewart White '75
Ms. Ellen Mercer Whitney '85
Dr. Debora Quesenberry Bays '90, M.S. '97
Mr. Chris Wiles '89 and Mrs. Lynn Wiles '88
Mr. Michael Joseph Wilkerson '02, M.S. '04
Mr. David Wilkinson and Mrs. Tammy Wilkinson
Mr. Varick Williams
Dr. Oral Williams and Mrs. Claudia Allen-Williams
Mr. Robert Anderson Williams
Mr. Harry Williams
Mr. Richard Lee Williams and Mrs. Jane Rogers Williams '77
Mr. Matthew Carl Williams and Mrs. Susan Hoggard Williams '70
Mr. Larry A. Williams and Mrs. Virginia Travisano Williams '70
Mr. Thomas Alexander Williams Jr. '75
Ms. Mary C. Williams
Mr. Charles E. Williams and Mrs. Carol Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Perry A. Williams
Mr. Charles L. Willis and Mrs. Roberta Layne Willis '59
Mr. Harry I. Wilson and Mrs. Judith Snodgrass Wilson '62
Mr. James Franklin Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey K. Wilson
Mr. Teddy Allen Wilson '92 and Mrs. Diane Herndon '95
Ms. Judy Sokoloski Wilson '80
Dr. Nancy Wilson
Mr. John W. Wimmer and Mrs. Doris Kelly Wimmer '56
Dr. Joseph I. Wirgau
Ms. Joyce Fulk Witt '60
Mr. Anthony Wolfe and Ms. Karen Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Carlson Woo
Mr. Donald G. Wood and Mrs. Thelma Burke Wood '68
Ms. Karen Marie Wood
Mr. David Woodgeard
Dr. Daniel Richard Woods Jr. '01, M.A. '03 and
Ms. Heather Holderman Woods '00
Dr. Amy W. Woods '08, D.N.P. '15 and Mr. Stephen M. Woods
Mr. Steven Wright Woodward '81 and Mrs. Geniel K. Woodward
Mr. David Edward Woolwine '85
Mr. James D. Worley and Mrs. Linda Moon Worley '64
Lequella Worthy
Mr. Ej Wyant


Mr. Bob Yeaman and Mrs. Anne Bryant Yeaman '62
Rev. Jo Anne Yon '78
Mr. Elliott Tyler York '11
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Yost
Mr. David John Young '89 and Mrs. Audrey B. Young
Mr. Wesley A. Young
Ms. Alycia Allen Yowell-Many '98


Mrs. Kimberly Williams Zanin '88
Dr. Samuel J. Zeakes and Dr. Beverly S. Zeakes '85
Mr. Xiaogang Zhu '91 and Mrs. Li Minwei
Mr. Phil Giordano and Mrs. Lynn Christine Hodges '87
Ms. Catherine Ann Zickafoose '80
Ms. Mary Bishop Zimmerman '61
Ms. Peggy Bowman Zirkle
Mr. and Mrs. Richard James Zurak