Associate ($250 - $499)

* deceased
+ matching gift


Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Adams
Mr. and Mrs. George Thomas Albiston
Dr. Liz Altieri and Mr.  H. Wilson Rankin
Mrs. Sherry Kendall Aylor '72


Mr. Stephen A. Barber '92 and Mrs. Pernie Williams Barber '98
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Barker
Mrs. Paige Valentine Barrow '66
Mr. Tom Bell '87 and Mrs. Laura Bell '82
Mr. Elliott Bruce Bender '83 and Mrs. Hilary Bender
Mr. Fred J. Bernhardt, Jr. and Mrs. Carole Carter Bernhardt '66
Mr. Robert Chase Besse
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin D. Blackwell
Mrs. Patricia Saunders Bliley '67
Mrs. Jean Dennis Bliss '45
Mrs. Wilma Scott Boatwright '55
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Borling
Mrs. Katherine Watts Bowen
Ms. Karen Elizabeth Boyle '77
Dr. John D. Bradshaw and Mrs. Jennifer Winstead Bradshaw '66
Ms. Kitty R. Branch
Mrs. Mary Lane Brigman '69
Mrs. Connie Joy Broich '86
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Steven Bubes
Mr. Don Burgess '94 and Mrs. Stephanie Riddlebarger Burgess '95
     Don Burgess Basketball Camp LLC
Dr. Tod W. Burke
Mr. Robert Burnette and Mrs. Sandra Frazier Burnette '82
     The Clorox Company Foundation +
Dr. Theresa L. Burriss, M.S. '99
Ms. Sandra Elaine Butler '75
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Butner
Mr. Travis Byrd '10


Mr. Stephen Cagle '89 and Mrs. Ann Cagle '85
Dr. Jack E. Call and Dr. Debra Call
Dr. Connie J. Canode '75
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Cargo
Mrs. Becky Moles Des Champs '66
Dr. Bruce W. Chase
Ms. Ann Martin Cheek '70
Mrs. Peggy Hornsby Cirelli '51
Ms. Linda J. Cole
Mrs. Elisabeth Covey Collins '46
Dr. Allison Yvonne Colvin '73
Dr. Linda M. Conklin '74 and Mr. Jack S. Conklin
Mr. George Cooper and Ms. Marjorie Givens Cooper '48
    State Farm Companies Foundation +

Mr. Richard Cornelius and Ms. Ellen Rountrey Cornelius '72
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Costello
Ms. Joan Fillman Cravens '69
Mr. George Crockett
    Crockett Home Improvement, Inc.


Mr. Cecil L. Gregory III '94 and Mrs. Dana Dallas
    Capital One Services Inc. Foundation +

Mr. Kenneth A. Darden and Mrs. Helen Day Darden '47
Mr. Rainer Michael Davis '94
Mr. Michael S. Dean
Mr. Christopher P. Denton '93 and Mrs. Kimberly Denton
Mr. Luther Dickens and Mrs. Helen Dickens '83
Miss Cheryl Annette Dixon '91
Dr. Farrell D. Doss
Mr. Anthony Todd Dowdy '91
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Dunn


Mrs. Nancy Anderson Ellett '58


Ms. Sherry L. Fisher '85
Mr. Donald Foster and Mrs. Ann McKibbin Foster '60
Dr. Paul W. Frets and Mrs. Jerry Beverly Frets '69


Mr. and Mrs. Clay Gardiner
Ms. Mary Sue Garner '65
Ms. Rachael M. Garrity
Mr. John T. Gegg '93
Mr. John J. Gerard
Mr. Kyle P. Getter
Mrs. Patricia Carol Gibson '78
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Mark Goldman
    Harris Foundation +

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent M. Gore
Ms. Pamela C. Graves
Mrs. Eileen Stanton Griffee '79
Mrs. Eddie Maher Gugelman '68


Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Haas
Mr. Thomas Scott Haislip '78 and Mrs. Rebecca Joan Haislip '81
Ms. Mary Louise Hall '70
Mr. David R. Hamilton and Mrs. Geraldine Simmons Hamilton '58
Mrs. Susan Drake Hancock '76
Ms. Rhonda Hawkins-Smith '92
Dr. Rhett B. Herman
Mr. Henry Howard Hicks, Jr.
Mrs. Louise Vonasek Hileman '77
Ms. Patricia R. Himan


Dr. Linda Bethel James '68
Ms. Jacqueline Nicole Jenkins '13
Ms. Marci T. Jenkins
Mrs. Katherine Kouchis Johnson '71
Ms. Margrit E. Johnson
Ms. Mary Jean Johnson
Mr. William R. Johnston, Jr. and Mrs. Kathy McCabe Johnston '69
Mr. David Edward Jones '88
Mr. Michael R. Jones
Mrs. Jeannemarie Joyce '81


Mr. Les Kaciban
Dr. Prahlad Kasturi
Ms. Leigh A. Kelley
Mrs. Margaret Gray Kellogg
Ms. Vandy Poage Kemp '74
Dr. William R. Kennan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew King
    Johnson & Johnson +

Mr. Scott Kolodny '89 and Mrs. Chrys Bakalis Kolodny '92
Ms. Jackie Maykranz Kraeutler '75



Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ennis Lacy
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Edwin Lancraft
Mr. Diron Stuart Lane '99
Dr. Martha Anne Lawing '73
Mr. and Mrs. Altony Lee III
Dr. Stephen Lenhart and Mrs. Sandra Lenhart '83
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Lewis
Mrs. Erin Elizabeth Long '04
Mr. Billy Looney and Mrs. Mary Helen Looney '53
Ms. Elizabeth C. W. Lyman


Mr. and Mrs. Steve Madden
Mr. Peter Edward Marinoff '97 and Mrs. Kristin Cutler Marinoff '97
Mr. Milford Marti
Ms. Shelby Anne Martin '65
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Martin
Mr. Kenneth M. McClevey
Mr. and Mrs. Adam David McKenzie '01
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Midkiff
Ms. Martha Nancy Miller '70
Mrs. Eleanor Pair Mills '53
Mr. Scott Stephen Millis '91 and Mrs. Elizabeth R. Millis '92
Dr. Kathy S. Mitchell and Mr. Jim Mitchell
Mr. John R. Montgomery '81 and Mrs. Sharie Montgomery
Mrs. Pere Singleton Morris '69
Mrs. Mary Stafford Myers '59


Mr. Paul Newman
Mrs. Meredith Roberts Norbo '05
Ms. Jean Lightner Norum '76
Mr. Kerry Lawrence Nunn '80


Mr. Philip Logan O'Connor '07


Ms. Kistie Velma Patch '60
Mr. Mark Joseph Patterson
Ms. Jennifer Pearce
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Peterson
    AT&T Foundation +

Mr. Brian Baird Phelps '88 and Mrs. Cecil Regina Phelps '01
Mrs. Eleanor Miller Pletta '58
Mr. Gilbert Russell Pompa '84 and Mrs. Lisa Whittington Pompa '86
Mr. Nolan Porter and Ms. Barbara Porter
Mr. Christopher Brandon Pulliam '98 and Mrs. Rebecca Pulliam


Mr. Anibal Ramos and Ms. Cidalia Ramos
Mr. Mark Ramsey '95 and Mrs. Kelli Ramsey
Ms. Joyce Mattox Randolf '53
Mr. Thomas Aaron Ranft '06 and Ms. Amelia Elizabeth Wharen '08
Mr. Thomas Paul Reardon and Mrs. Calder Smoot Reardon '69
Dr. Michele D. Ren '92
Dr. Nora P. Reilly
Dr. Deborah J. Robinson
Ms. Tina Marie Rogers '03
Mr. and Mrs. Sabino William Romano, Jr.
Mr. Gregory Rooker and Mrs. Mary Frances Rooker '79
Mr. Jack R. Rose and Mrs. Deborah Leigh Rose '89
    Westvaco Foundation +

Mrs. Lori Gousie Rossi '92
Ms. Joanne Marie Royaltey
Mrs. Kimberley Hall Ryan '84


Mrs. Tambria Scruggs-Duncan '81
Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Scutellaro
Mr. Joseph Lewis Sheffey '75 and Mrs. Jeannette L. Sheffey
Ms. Nichole N. Shepherd
Dr. Patricia B. Shoemaker and Mr. Philip Shoemaker
Mrs. Sara Silk '95
Mr. Brian Smith and Mrs. Peggy E. Smith '98
Ms. Cynthia Hughes Smith '69
Mr. David L. Smith and Mrs. Ann Huber Smith '73
    Wells Fargo Foundation +

Ms. Mary Margaret Smith '84
Mr. Thomas Smith '92
Dr. Diane Mar Spresser '65
Mr. Robert E. St. John and Mrs. Mary Farias St. John '81
Mr. Brian M. Stanley
Mr. Charles B. Stoke and Mrs. Sue Stoke '64
Ms. Karen Swinley


Dr. Patricia A. Talbot
Dr. Brett E. Taylor
Ms. Sara Lee Thacker '67
Mr. L. Scott Thomason and Mrs. Karen Starkweather Thomason '82
Dr. N. Ray Tuck, Jr. '94 and Mrs. Bonnie S. Tuck
Ms. Carol Lee Tutch '75


Ms. Jacqueline Ulmo


Mr. and Mrs. James H. Vance, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Voss


Mrs. Janet Graham Wells '71
Mr. Donald Wells and Mrs. Pamela Hall Wells '64
Dr. and Mrs. John B. White
Mr. Mark E. White
Mr. Tom Whitehead and Mrs. Diane Clary Whitehead '69
Mr. Jeffrey Bowen Whitford '03
Mrs. Sue Fleenor Whitlow '66
Mr. George A. Williams, Sr.
Mr. Jerry Williams and Mrs. Ann Youngblood Williams '70
    Verizon Foundation +

Ms. Taniko Peters Williamson '96
Mr. Benjamin Daniel Wilson '01
Mr. Christopher A. Woodley '93
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery D. Woods


Ms. Dimple Iolet Yates '57
Mr. Robert Raymond Young '67


Ms. Jessie Lyn Zahorian '01