Society of 1910

* deceased

The Society of 1910, established in 1992, recognizes alumni and friends who have generously included Radford University in their estate plans.


Mr. James S. Adams and Mrs. Nancy Witt Adams '84
Ms. Marcia Stephenson Adler '75, M.S. '76
Dr. David L. Albig and Dr. Pegeen Albig
Mr. William L. Allman Jr. and Mrs. Jennie Teass Allman '67
Ms. Kathy Smith Allman
Mrs. Joanna Gilmore Angle '68
Dr. Andrew S. Arbury III
Mr. John W. Arnn* and Mrs. Nancy Arnn*
Dr. H. Pat Artis and Mrs. Nancy E. Artis '73
Mr. Charles Joseph Ashley '13
Ms. Ann Shockley Athey '64
Mrs. Jayne Katz Ayers '83
Mrs. Peggy Hopkins Ayers '56


Mr. George L. Baker Jr.* and Mrs. Sandra Williams Baker '60*
Mr. Morris N. Baldwin* and Mrs. Marie Baldwin*
Mr. Bryant N. Barden*
Pauline Beard '34*
Mr. Tom Bell '87 and Mrs. Laura Bell '82, M.S. '83
Ms. Brenda Gail Bingham '72*
Mr. John C. Bingham* and Mrs. Jo Ann Bingham
Mr. Robert L. Blake, C.P.A.
Mary Simon Blevins '74*
Mr. Hix Bondurant* and Mrs. Lil Bondurant*
Mr. Kenneth K. Bondurant* and Mrs. Carolee J. Bondurant
Mr. Charles P. Brewer Jr.* and Mrs. Mary Kathryn Brewer '49*
Eliza Kelly Bristow '26*
Mr. Derward Brooks Jr. and Mrs. Susan Devese Brooks '69*
Mr. David A. Burdette* and Mrs. Carol Burdette
Ms. Lucille Young Byrne '53*


Mr. Augie Marshall Campanello '79 *
Mr. Jan G. Clarke
Miss Louise Clendenen '60
Thomas E. Coleman*
Ms. Margaret JoAnn Cooper*
Rev. Wilmer Copenhaver and
Mrs. Marty McDonald Copenhaver '59, M.S. '68
Dr. H. Douglas Covington* and Mrs. Bea Covington*
Krista Crawford-Mathis, Ph.D. '92
Anna Gray Cronise '53*
Ms. Ruth Marie Cronise '55*
Dr. E. M. Cube and Mrs. Shirley Cube
Mr. R. Bruce Cunningham and Mrs. Bonnie B. Cunningham '80
Mr. Patrick D. Cupp* and Mrs. Sandra C. Cupp Davis
Ms. Charlene Adele Curtis '76


The Honorable Ted Dalton* and Mrs. Mary Dalton*
Sue Averil Dalton '33*
Mr. Don Dame M.S. '82 and Mrs. Patricia Wheeler Dame '79
Blanche Daniel '19*
Dr. Anne M. Daughtrey '41*
Ms. Ute Davenport '62
Mrs. Marian Osborne DeHart '94
Mr. Adolph Dehn*
Ms. Alice Gay Dennison '74, M.S. '77
Mr. George Everett Dewese* and Mrs. Matsue Yamazaki Dewese*
Ms. Wilma Dotson
Mr. Ray Harris Dovell and Mrs. Mildred Morin Dovell '49*
Mrs. Elma Eloise Dowdy '47*
Mr. Herbert Duff* and Mrs. Marian Miller Duff '49*


Ms. Navetta Breeding Eanes '62
Mrs. Mary J. Eaton*
Mrs. Edith Elliott-Borsom '62
Mr. Richard Davis Ellis Jr. '86
Mayme M. Epperly '40*


Ms. Norma Johnson Farrell '67
Ms. Peggy Ann Fields '58
Mr. C. Frank Fitzgerald '81, M.S. '83 and
Mrs. Hollie Elizabeth Fitzgerald '05, M.S. '13
Ms. Karen Patricia Foley '67*
Miss Sandra Wade Franklin '89
Dr. Herta T. Freitag*


Dr. Fernande A. Gard*
Ms. Cassie Keturah Gardner '28*
Ms. Mary Sue Garner '65
Dr. Carol Murphey Garner '79
Robert S. Gibson*
Marjorie C. Glenn '32*
Justice Arthur Goldberg*
Mr. Walter C. Goodykoontz* and Mrs. Thelma Irene Goodykoontz '33*
Mrs. Sheila Crowley Gosselin '82
Dr. George A. Gray* and Mrs. Ann Gardner Gray*
The Honorable Patrick Graybeal and Mrs. Jill Lobach Graybeal '68
Ms. Kathryn Fritz Gump*
Mr. Andy Gustafson and Mrs. Cari Howlin Gustafson '90


Mr. Thomas Scott Haislip '78 and Mrs. Rebecca Joan Haislip '81
Ms. Susan Foster Hanger '70
Ms. Dorothy Jean Hankinson '72
Grace Mae Harvey '21*
Ms. Effie M. Helms ' 46*
Ms. Cheryl Richardson Hickox '86
Mr. Roger Hill* and Mrs. Bobbie Creasey Hill '44*
Mr. Donald G. Hines
Mrs. Patricia Arthur Honts '68
Dr. Mildred A. Hopkins
Mr. Robert H. Hovis III and Mrs. Mary Ann Hovis '65 *
Mr. Kory Hummer '91 and Mrs. Mary Hummer '95
Ms. Bonnie Hurlburt '58
Mr. Jerry L. Hutchens '75, M.S. '76 and
Mrs. Mary Ingles Hutchens '71, M.S. '77


Mr. Thomas D. Irvin* and Mrs. Frances Umberger Irvin '51*


Ms. Patricia Gwen Jacobs '08
Ms. Mae Jennings '34*
Dr. Edward D. Jervey and Mrs. Thora Jervey*
Mrs. Rebecca Jones Johnson '50
Ms. Ann Elizabeth Jones '52


Dr. Linda R. Killen*
Ms. Evelyn C. Kimball
Mrs. Beverly Ball King '69
Mr. George King and Mrs. Dorothy Sisson King '50, M.S. '73
Mr. Lester Knight and Mrs. Delores Knight '53*
Mrs. Mozelle Porter Kooy '47*


Mr. Robert Scott LaRose '90
Anita Lee '34*
Mr. and Mrs. Carl H. Lefko
Ms. Louise Mildred Long '47*


Mr. Brian Jeffery Mabe and Mrs. Chris Olson Mabe '81
Mr. Albert Mah '85 and Mrs. Rhonda Counts Mah '87
Dr. Allen Mandelstamm and Dr. Marie Mandelstamm*
Dr. Charles W. McClellan
Ms. Geneva Regina McClung '31*
Ruth Inez McConnell '42*
Ms. Lorena Roberts McGarvey '62
Ms. Colin Stuart McIntosh '67
Ms. Catherine Harvey McLean
Frances L. McManaway '35*
Ms. Sandra Elaine McPherson '70*
Dr. Theresa Ann Milon '70, M.S. '75
Dr. Janet S. Milton
Mr. John R. Montgomery '81 and Mrs. Sharie Montgomery
Mrs. Dorothy Strader Moore '50
Mr. Philip W. Moran and Mrs. Beverly Johnson Moran '69
Mr. Mike Morsberger '87 and Mrs. Marybeth Morsberger '88


Sara King Nash '31*
Mrs. Willie G. Nelson*
Dr. Walter G. Niehaus and Dr. Judy H. Niehaus
Mrs. Nancy Bane Nixon '58
Dr. Johann A. Norstedt


Dr. John W. Overbey* and Mrs. Dorothy Overbey*


Ms. Ruth L. Painter '28*
Mr. Herbert Wesley Parker* and Mrs. Irma May Parker '48
Ms. Dale Parris MBA '85, M.S. '11
Mr. and Mrs. C. Alan Parrish
Dr. Fred L. Phlegar and Mrs. Roxie E. Phlegar '45*
Dr. Myrtle E. Pleune '31*
Mr. Gilbert R. Pompa '84 and Mrs. Lisa K. Pompa '86
Mr. Reginald Powell and Mrs. Shirley Rose Powell '56
Ms. Lynne Dougherty Pratt '81
Ms. Cynthia L. Price '87
Nancy Necessary Pridemore '40*
Mr. Peter D. Pruden* and Mrs. Phyllis Stancil Pruden


Dr. John Ray and Mrs. Nancy Sullivan Ray '55
Rowena Chris Rea '48*
Ms. Charlene Frances Reeve '66
Mrs. Lois Carter Reynolds '36*
Ms. Harriet Marva Ridgeway '67
Mr. David C. Ridpath and Mrs. Lisa H. Ridpath '91, MBA '99
Mr. Kenneth Riedel* and Mrs. Doris Sult Riedel '57
Mr. Michael Roche' and Mrs. Joan Gunter Roche' '64
Mr. Peter R. W. Roughton Jr. and Mrs. Patricia Langford Roughton '72
Lonza Rush*


Dr. Christine P. Salter*
Annie Laura Sayers '48*
Ms. Evelyn Bracey Scott '48*
Mrs. Virginia Bocock Scott '27 and '56*
Ms. Nancy Morrison Scurlock '52
Dr. James H. Radford and Dr. Carole L. Seyfrit*
Mr. Ronald Gene Shelkey Jr. '86 and Mrs. Aundree Rose Shelkey
Richard G. Sheltman*
Mr. James L. Sink, M.S. '75 and Mrs. Doris Grey Sink '74, M.S. '77
Dr. George Smith Jr. and Mrs. Mildred Smith
Dr. Martin Francis Smith '75
Mr. H. Vincent Snidow and Mrs. Nancy Joyner Snidow '67
Dr. Nina Carole Spencer '65, M.S. '67 and Mr. Robert E. Spencer
Dr. Robert D. Spillman
Mrs. Vera Y. Stanley '31 and '50*
Ms. Louise Steele
Mr. David Stone and Mrs. Deborah Testerman Stone '73, M.S. '79
Ms. June Ratcliffe Strachan '49
Dr. Sarah S. Strauss
Ms. Maryanne Bocock Stump N.P. '34, '48*


Dr. Marshall Tessnear and Dr. Pamela Tessnear
Pauline McKnight Thomas*
Mr. Thomas L. Tilley and Mrs. Betty R. Tilley*
Mrs. Frances Hilt Trent '45
The Honorable James C. Turk* and Mrs. Barbara D. Turk


Mrs. Barbara Bond Waite '46
Ms. Dorothy K. Wall '47
Ms. Susan Ellen Walters '58
Dr. James A. Watson and Mrs. Pam Watson
Mr. Austin W. West and Mrs. Pamala Kay West '78
Edith Wheeler*
Mr. Frederick White and Mrs. Patricia South White '67
Ms. Katherine Harrup Wilkins '69, M.S. '73
Mr. Melburn S. Williams*
Ms. Ruth W. Williamson*
Mrs. Carol Lauffer Willmes '60
Ms. Sharon Dow Wimmer '67, M.S. '68
Hazel Winesett '38*
Mr. Herbert F. Alber and Ms. Margaret F. Winslow '63