Telephone Outreach Program

T.O.P. Mission Statement

To connect alumni, parents and friends with Radford University and cultivate a partnership with the honored purpose of advancing higher education through philanthropy.

We are the student-led voice of the Radford Fund!

We are committed to cultivating meaningful relationships with our Highlander family, including alumni, parents and friends of the university. We work to enhance the partnership between our Highlander family and Radford University in support of the university, its programs and its students through the Radford Fund. The Radford Fund provides vital, current-use dollars that make a difference today for the futures and lives of our students and solidifies the timeless significance of our institution.



The Radford University Telephone Outreach Program relies on enthusiastic, friendly and motivated students to help our university grow. While working for the T.O.P., callers have the opportunity to build job skills that will serve as a valuable enhancement to a well-rounded resume, all while gaining unique insights from our alumni and friends.

Student callers are responsible for communicating the goals and accomplishments of the university to potential donors while soliciting them for monetary donations. The gifts raised through the T.O.P. support many different academic and student programs across campus. T.O.P. callers should exhibit leadership, professionalism, initiative and a positive attitude when performing all duties.

If you are interested in becoming a student Annual Fund Caller in the T.O.P., please apply through Handshake