The Hive Video Guidelines

In general, crowdfunding projects that have a video are 85 percent more likely to reach their goals. It is the project leader/team’s responsibility to create, film and edit a video and provide the final YouTube or Vimeo link (using available campus resources).


1.    Intro

2.    What the group/program/project/fund does

3.    Why they love to do it/why it is important

4.    Statement of the “problem”/why additional financial support is needed (case for support)

5.    How the “crowd” can help

6.    The call to action/ask for donations

* Although The Hive does not have a maximum length for videos, it is recommended that videos be a minute or less to maximize views.

Additional Brand Guidelines

1.    Video must utilize the title and ending slide provided (University Advancement can help with this).

2.    Video must follow the template provided for lower thirds (University Advancement can help with this).


1.    Radford University –

2.    UNC Charlotte – this video follows a commonly used pattern:

3.    Auburn Athletics Internship – higher quality production, follows a similar format, students and faculty make the case:

4.    UNC Charlotte – in this video, faculty and students were asked to share their case for the need of scholarship support: