Crowdfunding at Radford University

Welcome to The Hive, Radford University’s crowdfunding platform.

What is The Hive?

The Hive is an online fundraising platform that allows Radford University students, faculty and staff to create digital fundraising projects for meaningful high-impact programs and causes. Not only does The Hive help students, faculty and staff leverage the power of their personal networks to support their passions, it also gives our broader Highlander family the opportunity to come together and rally behind our students by supporting these critical projects.

Why The Hive?

Naming our crowdfunding platform “The Hive” is a nod to our Radford University history and our official seal, the beehive, representing industry, thrift and wisdom along with the busy activity of learning. It symbolizes many coming together as one for the benefit of the whole, which aligns with the strength and purpose of crowdfunding.

On The Hive, you can:

  • Explore high-impact projects led by Radford University students, faculty and staff.
  • Spread the word about projects by sharing them with your social networks.
  • Make tax-deductible contributions to the projects of your choice.
  • Stay updated on the progress and outcomes of projects as they develop.

Be the reason students at Radford University can explore, learn and excel by supporting the projects that directly fuel their passions.

Start a Project

Do you have a project you would like to raise money for on The Hive?

Submit your project today.

Applications are now being accepted for projects to crowdfund on The Hive. Before applying, please review The Hive Guidelines and Agreement.


If you have concerns or questions, please contact Crystal Hubbard at 540-831-5926.

The Office of Annual Giving will set the duration of projects. Most projects will run for 30 days, however the Office of Annual Giving may determine, on a case-by-case basis, some projects require a longer timeframe and/or a different start date.

Eligible Projects Need To:

1.    Be affiliated with Radford University programs, projects, teams, clubs or organizations. Examples include:

  • Experiential learning programs like educational trips coordinated with a university faculty representative (i.e. service learning in Belize, career development travel for the COBE Fellows program, academic conferences to present research, academic competitions, etc.).
  • Initiatives to provide financial support for students participating in academic programs, such as the Summer Bridge Program, the Wilderness Institute or the Radford Amazonian Research Expedition.
  • Research projects coordinated with a faculty member.
  • Specific initiatives for Radford University clubs, organizations or sports teams, such as creating a scholarship or garnering support for necessary equipment or travel.

2.    Have a clear, specific and time-sensitive funding need/purpose.

3.    Have a sponsoring Radford University faculty representative.

4.    Have a Radford University Foundation fund into which donations can be deposited.

5.    Consist of a project leader or leaders that are willing to devote time to create and market/promote their project before, during and after the project is active on The Hive.

6.    Gain approval by submitting an application prior to the next round’s deadline.