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INSPIRE is a crowdfunding platform created to help Highlanders raise money so that their ideas and passions can come to life. Projects on this platform foster innovation and advance student success by focusing on helping students start, stay and succeed at Radford University!

Crowdfunding allows people to come together and fundraise to support projects that reflect a collective passion.


Highlander10 Challenge. November 29, 2022. 1 day. 9 hours. 10 minutes.

The Radford family showed up during the Highlander10 Challenge!

In only 1 day, 9 hours and 10 minutes, 323 donors raised $20,844 to support 10 student-centered causes!

We are grateful to our community of students, parents, alumni, employees and friends for coming TOGETHER to make the Highlander10 Challenge a success.

We are also pleased to congratulate the Esports Program for scoring a bonus $1,000 by having the most donors! Check out the final results for each project:

TOGETHER we help students feel supported and included at Radford University.