Inclusive Excellence

As reflected in our mission and core values, at Radford University we believe in building a robust community of empowered faculty, staff and students that value and celebrate our diversity of cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We seek to cultivate a culture of inclusive excellence where all voices are embraced, valued, respected, and integrated into the fabric of our community.

Our office includes a broad array of faculty and academic support programs and initiatives. We seek to live inclusive excellence in our work through internal initiatives, activities and partnering with others across campus. These initiatives and activities align with goals articulated in our strategic plan. 

Strategic Enrollment Growth Goal 8, Strategy A: Align student recruitment, academic outreach and retention activities to enhance access, inclusiveness and student success.

Student Success Goal 1, Strategy D: Engage with nationally recognized experts in diversity, access and equity literacy to create a diversity policy and a training center for faculty development.

Student Success Goal 2, Strategy A: Promote cultural programming (arts, international, diversity, etc.) that encourages students, faculty and staff to actively engage with and understand different cultural viewpoints.


Inclusion Initiatives

The work of advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion is multifaceted, layered, and continuous. We recognize that education and support are critical elements of our work. We support and partner with initiatives across divisions to move forward in supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion. Learn more about some campus initatives by clicking on the tiles below.


Inclusion Offices

The following offices and centers focus on inclusion at Radford University. These units provide resources and support for our campus community. More information about diversity education and resources can be found by clicking on the tiles below.


  1. Radford community’s Day of Service honors Martin Luther King Jr. »


    Radford University students, faculty and staff celebrated the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, Jan. 17, with a day of service throughout the Radford, Roanoke and New River Valley communities.

  2. Professor emeritus travels far to deliver climate change address »


    Over the summer, Prahlad Kasturi, Ph.D., visited the Kargil Campus of the University of Ladakh in India to speak about and discuss climate change. The university is located in the Trans-Himalayas, in a region Kasturi said is particularly susceptible to environmental shifts.

  3. Special events planned for Black History Month »


    A history-based field trip, a dinner and a seminar on finance are among the gatherings scheduled to recognize February as Black History Month on Radford University’s campus.

  4. Radford University honors ‘champion of international education’ through naming of McGlothlin Center for Global Education and Engagement »


    Radford University unveiled a new name for its international education center: the McGlothlin Center for Global Education and Engagement.

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